‘The Voice’: Fans Reveal the Worst Thing to Happen to the Show

The Voice — Blake Shelton’s home away from home — is now on its seventeenth season, and continues to attract audiences far and wide, with viewership spanning demographics due to the variety of singers. From pop artists to country vocalists and R&B hopefuls, the show is never shy on talent.  While only one original coach remains, the newbies always add fresh dynamics to the program, for the bickering matches enter new frontiers

The Voice
‘The Voice’ (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

From the relationships between the coaches to the talented singers and high ratings, you may assume that The Voice has no room for growth or possesses no noticeable faults. Unfortunately, fans who have been watching the show for quite some time argue that one of the pivotal changes — made a few seasons back — damaged the show, and ruined what many loved about the competition program. 

While The Voice allows for the coaches to groom singers, as opposed to simply judge and dish them aside (as other talent competition shows do), many argue that the show does not, or at least no longer, provides fans a chance to really grab hold of a performer. Why? 

Fans of ‘The Voice’ do not appreciate how short the seasons are now

The Voice now manages to air two seasons per year. The show’s pace is quite rapid and, before you know it, the show goes from 40 something contestants to 8, often dropping off ten or so contestants simultaneously at the early stages. Many fans, as a result, argue that the show feels rushed. One fan stated:

They need to not cut so many people at once. We go from 48 to 32 to 24…. to 13 to 8 to 4 to a winner. I remember watching American Idol back in the day where you’d get people to the American Idol stage and they’d perform for 2-3 months getting votes each week. This gave you time to learn a lot about the performers as they’d share something about themselves each week and you could really get invested in them winning and then you’d want to buy their new single when they won.

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The Voice used to give fans a chance to develop a connection to one or more of the singers; fans used to grab hold of contestants’ life stories and root for them — root for whatever dream they were pursuing. Now, it’s just a bunch of singers you don’t really know vying to stay long enough to become memorable. One fan chimed in, explaining why a lengthy top 12 phase would improve the show:

…Having a long “Top 12” phase of the show makes for a better season and we get to know the artists better. If there is one season a year, the talent becomes better, and the winner will be more likely to succeed.

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When it comes down to it, The Voice doesn’t give its winners a fair shot to succeed; the show is executed in such a way as to make most of the contestants forgettable. Maybe, this is why few performers make it big off The Voice. If The Voice wants to produce stars, the show needs to give viewers a chance to remember their names.