‘The Voice’: Fans Suspect This Superstar Is the Worst Coach on the Show

Ranking favorite judges on a reality competition show like NBC’s The Voice is always a subjective experience since personal preference for the artist is usually at play. We like all the judges on the show just fine, but fans often try to scope out which one they dislike over the others.

For some, Gwen Stefani may be an iconic pop star, yet doesn’t always gel as a judge on the reality series. Perhaps it’s because the cover was blown she and Blake Shelton were told to deliberately fight with one another as a reality show tactic. Even then, we haven’t seen much of any bickering from them.

Stefani’s judging techniques are definitely different, with some thinking it’s a good strategy and others thinking she’s just mimicking what the other judges like in a contestant.

Is Gwen Stefani more about image over a contestant’s voice?

Gwen Stefani attends the Gala for the Global Ocean.
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A lot of people would be surprised if Stefani wins this year since she’s not competitive unless she surprises everyone purely by happenstance. So far, she’s doing a good job, if also upholding one thing many people noticed in her past appearances: Looking out for a pop image.

It seems she focuses more on what a contestant does in their movements and their wardrobe over how well they sing. Perhaps you can argue this makes up the description of Stefani herself since she created a compelling pop “image” everyone still loves without worrying about how good she sounds.

At least she does have a good voice on most things, albeit a distinctive one not obsessing over hitting high C’s or vocal tone. Because of this focus on an image, it makes us wonder if it’s why she waits to press her button until the other judges do.

Many fans of The Voice have gone on Reddit and called this out lately, giving a clue to Stefani’s judging style.

Gwen Stefani has never won a show so far

Even during the seasons when Gwen Stefani judged on the show, she didn’t win. No doubt it’s because the other judges are usually more analytical in what they want in a voice.

If our theory that she’s more about image holds up, then it might be a bigger challenge for her to find someone who wins based on vocal talent. Maybe she can shape an image for her contestants, yet nobody should forget the show is about who has a unique voice and how it might shape the music industry.

Assuming there’s some serious competition going on between Stefani and Shelton, there could be some in-fighting considering the latter is super competitive. Most fans on Reddit think John Legend and Kelly Clarkson now have the best chance at claiming the most wins based on their innate ability to find the right voices.

Legend, especially, has a radar toward finding someone with special vocal gifts the others sometimes don’t readily hear.

The fact that Stefani maybe can’t decipher who has a great voice over another shouldn’t necessarily be considered a weakness. Everyone’s different in what they perceive to be a singing star.

Should there be a separate show about pop star image?

One could argue American Idol basically goes by image over real singing talent. Many of their past winners were more about creating a compelling package of various elements over supreme vocal range. Not that anyone can claim their most famous winners (Clarkson and Carrie Underwood) don’t have some of the greatest voices in the music industry.

Stefani may need her own show eventually where she nurtures the “look” of a pop star since we know her fashions and overall persona were what made her a star. Oh, and also good pop songs are sung well if never claiming to be Mariah Carey.

Since The Voice really does live up to its name, it’s no surprise she’s stepping away once again next season so Nick Jonas can take her chair. She cites other things in her career taking precedence unless she’s very cognizant of what we said in this article.