‘The Voice’: Gwen Stefani Had a Strange Strategy to Beat Blake Shelton to Get a Contestant

Many fans of The Voice have been looking forward to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton reuniting for season 17. The coaches talked about getting competitive for this new season.

Now the two-night premiere has aired we saw their strategy. Find out the strange move Stefani pulled on Shelton to get a contestant.

Gwen Stefani said Blake Shelton was off at the beginning of the season

Gwen Stefani is sitting and smiling
Gwen Stefani on ‘Today’ | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Season 17 has just started and Stefani teased how things were different without Adam Levine. She said Shelton was a little off.

“It was funny to watch Blake without Adam; he was definitely off at first, he was off, like, ‘What’s happening? Nobody’s really messing with me much…’ Kelly definitely messes with him,” she told Extra.

The singer said she kind of filled that role for her boyfriend. “I like to mess with him, too, ’cause it’s fun,” she said. “It always feels good to beat Blake — he’s the O.G.”

Stefani wasn’t afraid to beg Shelton to win

The first night of the new season premiere showed some of Stefani’s strategy to win against Shelton. The heat was on when all four coaches turned around for country singer, Brennan Lassiter.

Stefani made a good argument with, “I feel sorry for Kelly, me, and John because Blake Shelton obviously is the best country singer ever in the whole world. But there’s so much to get out of the show and it’s so inspiring to be here. And I have a lot to offer a young girl.”

She went on to say that Shelton is her best friend and he would help her if she needed it. Finally, Stefani made a surprising move by walking over to Shelton.

“What are you doing?” Shelton asked her. “I really want her,” Stefani begged him and everyone started laughing. Lassiter picked Clarkson in the end.

She danced to win Royce Lovett

Royce Lovett talked about fusing rap, reggae, and more together for his sound. He performed “911” for his audition with this fusion.

Stefani was the first to turn her chair, then Shelton did the same. This led to a battle and Stefani wasn’t ready to lose. She got out of her chair and started dancing to steal the attention back.

At the end of Lovett’s performance, Shelton got up and clapped for Stefani. “You’re so stupid,” she said to the country star. Shelton later said, “I didn’t get to dance yet.”

Stefani made her case to Lovett by dissing Shelton. “This is not his lane. This is my lane,” she said. She revealed that she tried to unsuccessfully get him to listen to Lovett’s kind of music. “If you don’t pick me I’ll be so embarrassed.”

The good news is that Lovett did pick Stefani. “So Blake may be the original O.G. but Team Gwen is looking great and I think that Royce is a little piece of candy on my team because he’s doing the style of music I really like,” she said the coach. “But he’s doing it in a new way.”

Fans will have to wait and see if Stefani will dance to win any other contestants. It looks like her team is off to a good start.