‘The Voice’: Is It True the Coaches Can’t Stand Each Other?

Often times, groups of people who work together become somewhat like family members. This especially holds true for smaller groups, and they find themselves sharing both good and bad times together.

Due to the excessive hours that they spend with each other, close relationships form, some that even last a lifetime. 

While we will never know exactly what goes on behind the scenes of any television show, we have always assumed that the coaches on the hit show The Voice had an amazingly tight bond. They all speak very highly of each other, and their on-screen chemistry is just wonderful.

Fans of the show have most likely never suspected a problem, mostly because none of the coaches have ever given anyone a reason to. This is why the latest reports are a little shocking. So, is it really true that the coaches of The Voice can’t stand each other?

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are great friends

The coaches of The Voice in their chairs during the show
Adam Levine, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Although Levine is sadly no longer a part of The Voice, he and Blake Shelton have remained as close as can be. In fact, the two have what can be called a “bromance,” and we can’t imagine a time when they didn’t get along wonderfully.

Taste of Country reports that they have always had a playful banter, and that they still talk and even FaceTime as often as possible. One of the best parts is that they admit that they talk about things that they can never say on the show.

Levine and Shelton say that they will be friends from here on out even though Levine is no longer on the show, and it is pretty safe to say that their bond is unbreakable.

Shelton and Gwen Stefani are a couple

The Voice may not be a dating or matchmaking type of reality show, but that certainly didn’t stop a real-life romance from forming.

Shelton and Gwen Stefani, two of the coaches on the show, first got together about four years ago, and have been going strong ever since.

According to Insider, their relationship is pretty serious – they have even gone so far as to talk about getting engaged. In the time that they have been together, Shelton and Stefani have released music together, and have even performed a very well-received duet on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Shelton is even close to Stefani’s three children from a previous marriage, further proof that the couple is in it for the long haul.

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are close friends

The two judges are close both on and off camera, and it definitely doesn’t end there.

Shelton is also close to Clarkson’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, who just happens to be his manager.

According to Celebrity Insider, Clarkson and Shelton have such a tight relationship that he was even going to officiate when she married Blackstock several years ago.

That may not have happened, but it didn’t slow down their friendship one bit. The two love to joke around and spend time together, and Clarkson is even close to Shelton’s girlfriend. Sounds to us like this is a friendship that can withstand anything.

There are reports that the coaches can’t stand each other

So, is this actually true? According to GossipCop, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reports are completely inaccurate, with claims of fighting and disagreeing the be completely fabricated. It seems as if the rumors got totally out of hand, as all of the judges on The Voice always have been close, and they still remain so now.

We are so relieved to know that none of the rumors are true and that all of the judges are getting along just fine.