‘The Voice’: Is Miley Cyrus Really Quitting the Show?

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Miley Cyrus has been forming her team of singers along with the other coaches on The Voice. We made some arguments for why she might be the wrong person to sit in the coaches chair, but it looks like she might not even make it through the whole season. Cyrus might try to quit the show mid-season, according to multiple reports.

So far the pop star has been lagging behind when it comes to putting together her team. She has picked some interesting choices like Ali Caldwell who used to play for Patti LaBelle and opened for Boyz II Men. Then there is Darby Walker who got Cyrus to go on stage with her to sing “Jolene.” But in the end the winners of the show typically get four chairs to turn around and none of these contestants have been able to do that. It looks like Blake, Adam, and Alicia have a good running start on the competition.

Not only is her game not exactly looking good, but looks like things behind-the-scenes aren’t looking up either. On the surface it looks like Miley could be bringing a new and young energy to the show. She is the youngest coach they have so far. She is also one of two female coaches this season, which is also a first and really changes the energy of the show. However it seems like that energy could be very negative and it’s getting to the pop star. Rumor has it that she might walk off before the competition is through.

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If you have seen The Voice then you know that the coaches tend to insult each other for laughs from the audience. From the start Adam and Blake have gone back and forth making fun of each other. They are hilarious while they are doing it and it’s all in good fun. Adam usually makes fun of Blake trying to relate to potential contestants. Blake usually dishes it back with his many wins. They have also done the same thing with other coaches.

But of course this doesn’t always work out. Cyrus has tried to keep up with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, both of which accuse her of talking too much on the show. You probably have caught this yourself while watching the show and wrote it off as the coaches being playful. However, it looks like the barbs might no longer be as humorous and friendly as they seem on television.

[Levine] nitpicks almost every single thing she says,” a source told OK! Magazine. “It is such a different vibe right now,” another source told Radar Online. “Miley is saying she refuses to be beat by the old men!” That rivalry definitely could lead to better competition, but it seems like this one is going too far.

According to the Inquisitr, she isn’t getting along with Blake and Adam. She has even reportedly broken down crying from their comments multiple times. If she does quit then she would be breaking a contract with NBC and that could lead to a lawsuit. That might not be too big of a problem for her though, as she may be willing to buy her way out.

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It doesn’t seem like Cyrus is the only target for this competitive energy. “Meanwhile, Adam and Blake are still trying to one-up each other at any chance they get,” a source told Radar Online. This isn’t the first time that either judge has been accused of being in the middle of drama on set. Christina Aguilera was reportedly fired last season because Blake wasn’t happy with how she stole the spotlight from his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. According to The Hollywood Gossip, he threatened to quit if she was to come back on the show again so she was replaced.

Everyone knows this and he is taking it out on Christina, and they are not getting a long at all,” an insider revealed during last season. “It’s his mission to make this as uncomfortable as possible for [Christina] so that she will not want to return next season.” If this is true, he got what he wished for, but not the result he was expecting. “This is such a huge source of income for Blake and America loves him, so they came up with a plan to bring Gwen back on as a mentor on Blake’s team.”

Not everyone has it out for the pop star however. She also happens to get along just fine with her fellow new coach, Alicia Keys. “Alicia and Miley have bonded and have actually been hanging out off set.” Hopefully she will be able to keep Cyrus happy enough to finish the show. On screen the two have been great at being able to relate to female singers when it comes to their art and home life. They are definitely picking up on things that Adam and Blake tend to over look when meeting new artists.

The Voice

Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera on The Voice | NBC

Teasing isn’t the only challenge Cyrus has had to face in her new job. The ratings giant has experienced a decline this season, although it’s still on top of the charts. A big part of that could be that the show misjudged what its audience wants. Cyrus might be more appealing to the younger crowd, but they usually aren’t watching live television so they aren’t contributing to the show’s ratings.

Not only that, but there were many fans of the show that became very vocal about not wanting Cyrus to join. Many tweeted their disappointment at the announcement of her joining the show. However, it seems like the singer and actress has tried to prove them wrong.

This is actually pretty sad news because it seems like Cyrus has tried really hard when she could be just sitting back and getting her paycheck. She is reportedly the most involved coach the show has ever had, and the show even made her reign it in! She told Elle about why she cares about these contestants so much.

They actually had to give me boundaries of how involved I could be. Seriously! Like, legal boundaries. I’m like, well, I’m out shopping! And they’re like, if you’re going to buy one person a rainbow vest, you have to buy every single person that exact vest! So I had to get reined in. This is a show for the people on it, the contestants. They’re not all going back to the SLS Hotel or wherever Blake stays. These kids are locked up without their phones, without their family, coming and singing in front of Joan Jett. It’s such a crazy experience, and this is their real life.

However, she has also talked about being very uncomfortable in the role. When the coaches were still turning chairs and building teams, Cyrus admitted to coming up with excuses instead of coming up with real feedback for potential contestants. “When you don’t turn the chair for somebody,” she told Elle, “it’s so confrontational, and I’m really not confrontational. So then I get really embarrassed and I’ll make it my fault — like, I don’t know! I was high! I forgot to turn my chair!”

So will Cyrus be able to make it to the end of this season? Chances are she will, because it would cost her money and make her look bad if she ever wanted to do television again. Many new coaches have come on the show for only one season without returning. This could also be the case for the pop star. The good thing is that she has a really good shot at winning the show so far!

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