‘The Voice’ Season 14: Adam Levine Calls This Coach ‘Straight Up Deceptive’

The music competition is back, and Kelly Clarkson is off to a strong start on The Voice. She has reportedly gotten very competitive with Adam Levine, but of course, they aren’t the only two who are butting heads.

Adam Levine is sharing his strategy for his season, what he is looking out for when it comes to fellow coaches, and more. Here are seven things to know about his plan, including who he calls ‘straight up deceptive.’

1. He teases how the block feature will work for him

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Adam Levine -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Adam Levine on The Voice | NBC

This season has a new twist with a block button, which prevents a coach from taking an artist. “It’s shaking things up,” said executive producer Audrey Morrissey, according to E! News. “We always look for elements that we can add that seem additive and just change up the dynamic of the show. We haven’t ever really had a defensive move or an offensive-defensive move, so we came up with the block.”

She went on to tease how it affected the competition, saying:

It was incredible to see how it really played out: When people used it, how people used it. It really speaks to the real competition. These people want these people. They’re here at The Voice, they literally want them for their team. So it was very funny. It worked out really well.

So how does the Maroon 5 lead singer use it? Levine sees it in a very simple way. “A block for Blake is a victory for me,” he told Parade.

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2. Levine’s advisor is Julia Michaels

THE VOICE -- "Battle Reality" -- Pictured: (l-r) Julia Michaels, Adam Levine -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Julia Michaels will be Team Adam’s adviser. | NBC

Levine got “Issues” singer Julia Michaels to be his team’s advisor this season. The other coaches announced their advisors this season, and the competition looks tough.

Clarkson has Hailee Steinfeld, Shelton has Trace Adkins, and Keys has Shawn Mendes.

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3. Levine jokes this is why he should be picked over Shelton

Blake Shelton is drinking from a mug while Adam Levine sits in his lap on the set of The Voice

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton continue their bromance on The Voice. | NBC

Levine and Shelton are used to coming up for reasons why they are better than each other. But this time Levine came up with a weird answer.

“The reason to pick me is No. 1, I am not Blake Shelton and I own more than one shirt,” he joked with Parade. “I can’t say the same for Captain Country. Also, I think I give it to you straight. No BS, once again, it brings it back to Blake Shelton.”

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4. Levine says Shelton is ‘straight up deceptive’

Blake Shelton sits in his coach's chair on The Voice

Here’s what Adam Levine had to say about Blake Shelton on The Voice. | NBC

Of course, Levine and Shelton are still having their friendly rivalry, so Levine is calling out his friend’s strategy.

Blake will never admit to this, but he says things that are straight up deceptive,” he said, according to People. “The [other coaches] know they’re not getting that with me. They know that I have a sort of forced honesty. It’s my blessing and my curse.”

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5. Levine wants Clarkson to win

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Kelly Clarkson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Some are rooting for Kelly Clarkson to win. | NBC

Levine isn’t just in it for himself this season. He is also rooting for the newcomer, Clarkson.

Blake has had his time in the sun,” Levine said, according to People. “But it’s time for someone else to shine. Let’s get Kelly a victory.”

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6. Alicia Keys also wants Shelton to lose

Alicia Keys is also teaming up against Blake Shelton. | NBC

It looks like it’s three against one this season because after Levine said he wants Clarkson to win, Alicia Keys joined in.

As long as Blake doesn’t win, we’re all happy,” she said, according to People. “We’re ready for a change!”

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7. Shelton says that Clarkson is now his enemy

These two have a friendly rivalry. | NBC

Although Clarkson has most of the coaches’ support, Shelton is gunning for her this season.

“Make no mistake, Kelly is my friend,” he told People. “But when she’s on this show, she is my enemy.”

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