‘The Voice’: The Ironic Reason Why Gwen Stefani Is Adam Levine’s Perfect Replacement

Gwen Stefani tells hosts of The Talk that she’s feeling super excited to be heading back to The Voice this fall. She’ll be joining fellow coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend (who won this past season), and Blake Shelton as the 4th coach on the musical competition show. She says she’s still a little in shock over the whole thing because the decision happened so quickly.

Gwen Stefani is thrilled to be back on ‘The Voice’

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

She previously starred on The Voice for seasons 7, 9 and 12 but being invited back again for season 17 shocked the star. In an interview with E!News, she shares her excitement but relates that the short notice left her a little stunned.

“I’m so, so excited about it and so shocked,” she said about returning to coach The Voice. “Every season that I’ve been back, it’s been a shock ’cause they [NBC] kind of wait till the last minute [to tell you]. I guess they really want you to be like, ‘Please, take me.'”

Fans were stunned too because the news arrived abruptly in the press with the announcement that long-time coach Adam Levine would not be returning as a coach for next season. 

The irony behind Gwen Stefani’s return to ‘The Voice’

When Gwen first received word that they were looking for a coach for NBC’s The Voice in season 7, it was in a text message from Adam himself. She notes that she didn’t even know him then. However, his excitement about the show quickly won her over.  She reflects on that moment when she first decided to take a role as coach, remembering Adam’s enthusiasm. Going back to the show is making her feel a little overwhelmed, especially since Adam will not be there.

She laments: “Because I haven’t done it in a while (and) because Adam’s not gonna be there,” she said. “He was the first person to reach out to me and say: ‘Hey, you gotta do this show. The show’s great, you’re gonna love it.'”

So with Adam being gone, the show will definitely have a different vibe to it. It’s ironic that she is taking the place of the person who got her involved in the show initially.

Adam Levine’s quick departure from ‘The Voice’

Adam has been a regular judge on The Voice since its inception in 2011. He’s even won several times. (The only coach to win more than him is his on-screen rival, Blake)

Season after season, Adam has returned to The Voice to help singers reach their dreams and to entertain fans with his easy banter with Blake. Although other coaches have come and gone, Adam has been a steadfast supporter of the show and returned through the show’s duration. Season 17 will be the first one that doesn’t feature the Maroon 5 singer.

There are still questions surrounding why Adam is choosing to leave the show. But, in a lengthy post on Instagram, Adam thanks his costars and the staff behind the Voice while simply stating: “For me, it was time to move on.”

The Adam Levine-Blake Shelton bromance on ‘The Voice’

We loved watching Adam and Blake take aim at each other every week as they competed to have their talent make it to the final round. In fact, their deep friendship (frenemy-ship?) is what kept many fans glued to their televisions. Without their banter, we are left wondering if the show will hold the same charismatic draw it had before.

It is clear the two will remain, friends, as Adam tells his Instagram followers that he “couldn’t hide his love” for “the cowboy” if he tried.

Gwen Stefani’s presence on Season 17 of ‘The Voice’

Hopefully, the real-life romance between Gwen and Blake will keep us entertained enough not to miss Levine too much. Really though, how safe can Blake be competing against his girlfriend of more than three years? We bet he’s in for some trouble on the homefront from the feisty and determined Gwen. 

Even Gwen notes that taking over for Adam is bittersweet and she will miss all the laughs he brought to the stage. But, although the star is a little sad to be back on the voice without Adam, she notes that working with her best friend (Blake) again is really exciting.

Season 17 of The Voice kicks off this fall on NBC.