‘The Voice’: This Signature Feature Has Divided Fans Since the Start

The Voice has been on the air since 2012 and has managed to capture and retain quite impressive viewership numbers since its inception. While coaches come and go, the various dynamics between those selected to occupy the four red swivel chairs always make for good entertainment. The bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton lives on forever, as part of the show’s foundation (despite Levine’s recent departure). 

The Voice
‘The Voice’ coaches | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

From the enjoyable banter between the coaches to the talented singers and the show’s overall approach — based on instructing and grooming vocal talent over pure judging — the show is a triumphant talent competition. Though following in the footsteps of American Idol, many would consider The Voice the stronger, more fleshed-out concept. However, that doesn’t mean everything with the show is perfect. One feature, a rule that has existed since the beginning, keeps fans divided to this very day. 

When browsing online discussions via the far-reaching Reddit or scrolling through Quora, it becomes quite apparent that those who watch The Voice have mixed feelings concerning duos, and whether or not they should be permitted to compete against single acts. Let’s break it down. 

Those in favor of duos on ‘The Voice’ argue…

Duos have been permitted on The Voice since the very beginning, and have managed to show off the benefits a future Simon and Garfunkel pair has to offer. One fan explained that duos wish to make it to the top together, and how well they would perform individually is not of consequence. The fan argued:

Duos have always been allowed on the show. They want to break out as a duo. Solo artists want to break out solo. Why should it be different between the two kind of acts? They’re all judged the same.

Whether they would or wouldn’t make it if they auditioned on their own is irrelevant when they’re setting out to be a duo.

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Those who support duos concur with the above statement, noting that they have always been allowed to exist on the show, and the pairs bring a needed degree of differentiation to the endless list of solo acts. 

Those against duos on ‘The Voice’ argue…

Many against duos on The Voice feel that the show’s design is not primed to adequately handle duos and that such acts would be better off on a different show. One fan explained:

I’d be fine with a ‘no duo’ rule. I think the battles and knockouts end up awkward with duos. I’m not even sure which contestant it hurts. In some cases it seems the duo overpowers the single contestant (but not necessarily better). In other cases it seems like the duo are just backup singers for the solo performer.

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Many fans also note that one of the singers is also always better than the other, which makes judging the pair quite complicated. How can you accurately judge a duo when one of the singers deserves to advance, while the other does not? As a result, some duos make it too far, or not far enough. 

When it comes to duos on the show, fans remain divided on whether a rule should be put in place that eliminates all duets. Would the show be better off, or would the program lose one of its beloved differentiating factors?