‘The Voice’: Times Contestants Sang a Coach’s Song

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It’s very important for the network to pick the right coaches to join The Voice. This is because they have to be entertaining but also serious about giving contestants proper advice and feedback. They also have to make great music, because chances are we’ll hear a lot of it on the show.

Many contestants try to impress the coaches by performing their songs. This is a risky move because they don’t know how protective the artist is over their music. But when it’s done right, they might get the attention of the person they want to be their coach. So when did people bravely sing a coach’s song despite the risk? Here are 11 times contestants covered a coach’s song on The Voice.

1. Brian Nhira sings Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

The fun song was basically everywhere after it was released, so choosing it to sing on The Voice was a risky thing to do. The Despicable Me 2 song could have easily come across as karaoke, but you can truly notice Brian Nhira’s talent as he sings. The audition song worked, and Pharrell ended up turning his chair.

I chose ‘Happy’ as my audition song [after] I saw an interview with Oprah [Winfrey] and Pharrell. It was after ‘Happy’ had been out for a little while and it was obviously just a smash hit. People loved it, people all over the world were just singing the song. Oprah actually showed Pharrell a video of people singing ‘Happy’ all over the world in different languages, different cultures, and Pharrell began to weep uncontrollably.

That touching moment really stayed with Nhira. “I wanted to do a song that was bigger than me and so that’s why I chose ‘Happy.’ And also, you can’t help but smile whenever you listen to ‘Happy.’ And so I was hoping I could make the judges smile.”

2. Sundance Head sings Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’

If you’re going to sing a coach’s song, then you might want to make it your own. In Season 11 of The Voice that’s what Sundance Head did by taking the pop star’s song and adding his country flair to it. The arrangement is so simple that you have to focus on the beautiful lyrics and his voice.

3. Stevie Jo sings Usher’s ‘There Goes My Baby’

One of the surprises from Season 6 of The Voice was Stevie Jo. He didn’t shy away from singing Usher’s sensual song although it was a risky move. In the end, he gets exactly what he wanted by having the R&B star turn his chair for him.

4. Josiah Hawley sings Adam Levine’s ‘Sunday Morning’

This song choice is perfect for the raspy contestant. He gets to show off that unique aspect of his voice, which actually sounds like he’s just getting up on a Sunday morning. Multiple judges turn around right away because of it, and Adam Levine eventually turns around himself.

5. Lauren Diaz sings Alicia Keys’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

Another plus to adding Alicia Keys as a judge on The Voice is that she inspires performances like this. Lauren Diaz brought down the house with her version of the song, and even had Keys jumping for joy by the end.

6. Tonya Boyd-Cannon sings Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Of course, more than one contestant had to rock out to the Oscar nominated song in the blind auditions of The Voice. Pharrell turned his chair for Tonya Boyd-Cannon along with Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, but she surprisingly picked Adam over her muse.

7. Nick Hagelin sings Adam Levine’s ‘Lost Stars’

The handsome contestant was able to impress judges with his high notes. He oozes charisma and definitely came across like a potential rock star, just like Adam Levine. In the end, he picked Pharrell as his coach.

8. Adam Wakefield sings Blake Shelton’s ‘I’m Sorry’

A lot of contestants start off by covering a coach’s song, but Adam Wakefield waited until The Voice semifinals to pull out this beautiful cover. It worked, and he made it into the finale.

9. Melanie Martinez sings CeeLo Green’s ‘Crazy’

The young singer had such a unique vibe that it only made sense that she would cover a CeeLo Green song. It definitely shows off her strengths and what she’d be like as an artist.

10. Caitlin Caporale sings Christina Aguilera’s ‘Impossible’

Christina Aguilera had a pretty big reaction from just the first few notes of the audition. She, however, didn’t turn around because her team was already filled, but two other coaches did.

11. Monique Abbadie sings Shakira’s ‘Loca’

The contestant was a huge attention grabber from her very first note. Not only was she brave enough to take on a coach’s song, but she chose a fast one that was mostly in Spanish. She handled it like a pro and even Shakira had to get up and dance.

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