‘The Voice’: When Will Season 19 Premiere?

Soon The Voice will be back after taking a break for the summer. Fans will get to see how it will be filmed and Gwen Stefani back in her chair. This is when it will premiere and what Stefani did during her time off.

Gwen Stefani is back on ‘The Voice’

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Stefani took a short break from The Voice after season 17. Nick Jonas stepped into her seat for the next season. But now Stefani is back for another chance to help a contestant win.

The singer was previously away to tour. But she then was isolated with her sons and Shelton at his ranch in Oklahoma.

“We are quarantined with a bunch of Stefanis. I’m talking ’bout a pile of them. It’s me and a bunch of Stefanis,” Shelton said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “My mom and stepdad live I don’t know about 10 miles from here. I haven’t seen them since the middle of March except for waving at them through the truck window and that’s about it. We haven’t left.”

The couple has continued to work. Shelton finished filming last season from his ranch. They also released a new song together.

She recently released a new song with Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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The couple recently released the song, “Happy Anywhere” together. Shelton talked about how their time together during the pandemic made the song perfect for them.

“We’ve all been in quarantine and lockdown, and hopefully we’ve been doing that with somebody that we really love and enjoy being around,” he said in a press release according to Entertainment Tonight. “That’s what happened with Gwen and me this summer — and this entire year.”

There is a good chance fans will see them perform the song together like they have performed their duets in the past. Fans got a glimpse into how the new season is being filmed.

It will premiere on Oct. 19

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A teaser for the new season was released on Sept. 10. The show’s twitter account tweeted the show will come back on Oct. 19.

The teaser shows Shelton, John Legend, Stefani, and Kelly Clarkson back in the location of the show to listen to blind auditions. Carson Daly is also back as the host.

“Blake and I have been quarantining together this entire time so-,” Stefani is heard saying. Legend interrupted her to tell her “I’m sorry.”

It looks like the returning coach is still giving her team members stuff to wear. But it’s harder this season for her to give them her gift.

“I got a present for you but because we’re social distancing I’m going to launch it at you. You ready?” she asked a contestant in the video. She then shoots a shirt in his direction but it still didn’t make the stage.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Shelton says as he hold a pole with a glove at the end of it. Stefani then uses it to get the shirt to the stage.

It looks like the coaches had fun doing the blind auditions. The show returns on Oct. 19 on NBC at 8:30 EST.