‘The Voice’: Why Actually Meeting the Judges Is More Rare Than You Think

Every week millions of viewers tune into The Voice and watch Americans from all over the country audition for the show. Unfortunately, what we see on TV doesn’t necessarily match what happens at these auditions. It’s actually very different from what most people expect.

But in case you’re curious, we have a bit of information about what you can expect if you audition for The Voice. Just remember the most important thing: most people don’t make it in front of the celebrity judges. Here’s why. 

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

‘The Voice’ staff are generally respectful

We see a lot of bad contestants on TV and many who are good but don’t get the respect they deserve. There are also huge lines of people waiting to audition. Because of that, you might expect the judges and other staff to treat contestants like garbage. After all, they have enough interest in the show, they probably could get away with it just fine. 

However, that wasn’t the experience of Carrie Denniston Kostiha, who writes for Hello Giggles. She auditions for both The Voice and American Idol, and she said The Voice was definitely the more respectful of the two.

According to her, American Idol herds their contestants through like cattle, while The Voice thanked her for being a part of the process, tried not to take up too much of her time, and generally made her feel respected. 

That’s only one person’s opinion, but she was there on the ground, so it’s an interesting take. 

Most contestants don’t meet the celebrity judges

Those huge lines of people you see on TV waiting to audition? Most of them won’t make it to the celebrity judges. In fact, very few do, probably less than one percent. Instead, most people audition for lower judges. If you get past them, you have to go through 2-3 more auditions before you make it in front of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

 According to Reddit user ddeevv, who auditioned for the show, they bring you into a room with about 10 other contestants to stand before a low-level judge. Then you only have about 15 seconds to sing. Most are immediately eliminated. Out of all the people this user auditioned with, no one made it to the next round, and they said no one they spoke to all day made it to the next round. 

In reality, you’re probably more likely to win the lottery than to get in front of the celebrity judges. 

If you don’t make it, it doesn’t mean you’re not a good singer

Unfortunately, these types of shows aren’t necessarily going on talent. We all know that people with no singing ability make it before the judges because we’ve seen them on TV. Most people assume the judges pick all the good singers and maybe a few bad ones for variety. But singing ability actually plays very little into what the low-level judges are looking for. 

Most of the time, they’re looking for interesting people. They want stories to grab viewers’ attention, so they’ll go with contestants who have sob stories, or anger issues, or anything they find interesting, but not singing ability. 

And even being interesting doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the show. The producers usually have a very specific idea about what they’re looking for. So if you don’t fit that, you’re gone.

Don’t take it personally. You can’t predict what they’re looking for, and so getting on the show will usually be a matter of luck. Don’t base your confidence on luck. 

The bottom line is that most people don’t make it. If you still want to try just for fun, go ahead. But please don’t base your worth on what happens.