‘The Voice’: Why Do Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Fight So Much?

Sometimes it seems like certain judges on reality-competition shows are like siblings who openly bicker on the air. On The Voice, the egos of the judges are more than noted since they’re all A-list singing superstars. Since the pairing of Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, they’ve both fought on the show like typical brothers.

Adam Levine starring down Blake Shelton
Why can’t Blake Shelton and Adam Levine get along on The Voice? | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Lest anyone thinks they hate one another, you have to look at how faux feuds have become a fixture of reality shows to truly understand why Blake Shelton and Adam Levine always appear to be fighting on The Voice.

Fans have loved feuds like Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s for decades

While you can argue all guys bicker with close friends as a form of bond, creating feuds has always been good for ratings. Even back to the earliest days of radio, celebrity feuds were manufactured (usually among comedians) to help create funnier situations.

Of course, sitcoms have created numerous character feuds that made those shows all the more fun. Some of them seemed so real, they had the public believing they were real.

In the reality show era, seeing feuds and fights on shows like The Voice are nearly a part of the game. Even if some of them are the work of writers, clearly not all of them are if you go by The Real Housewives franchise.

Is the feud with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton real or made up?

If you think Adam Levine and Blake Shelton despise one another, think again. Yes, they do argue a lot of The Voice and even during interviews. Considering they’ve been on The Voice since the first season, though, they know one another fairly well.

They’re almost like brothers in this sense. No doubt egos are one reason they bicker, yet they do so in a way that doesn’t lead to fistfights or icy silences. Just imagine what would happen if they really did despise one another. The Voice would become one awkward show to watch knowing the judges have serious issues going on.

So how much of their feud is natural, or perhaps the work of situation writers?

You can’t argue the ‘Shevine’ fighting doesn’t make ‘The Voice’ entertaining

The role of the situation writer for reality shows is one of the most mysterious professions in the TV industry. We almost have to imagine how they operate by setting up meetings with stars of reality or competition shows to exaggerate specific scenarios.

One can only imagine the first season of The Voice involved something similar with Levine and Shelton. Did a situation writer see a slight rivalry there they could use to “manufacture” fights between the two?

Maybe it seems far-fetched when the conversations among the judges seems spontaneous and natural. This doesn’t mean it’s not suggested while giving free will for Shevine to go at it on their own.

No one can argue it doesn’t make the judging interactions more entertaining, plus giving a new spin on judging relationships.

Going from judges flirting to bro friendship

Some of you may remember back to the early American Idol days when there were rumors about Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul having feelings for each other based on their flirts. It sort of set a template for creating entertaining interactions at the judging table.

Since then, we haven’t seen many crazy flirting antics by judges. Because the judges on The Voice should all have egos the size of planet earth, it’s easy to assume they’d have rivalries. Producers likely knew this, and it’s why no one’s really been sure if the Shevine arguments are real or just true friendship.

From all evidence, Shelton and Levine truly respect one another. In a time when some male rivalries turn ridiculously nasty, it’s refreshing to see them bicker while knowing it’s really like arguing with a blood brother.