‘The Voice’: Why Fans are so Upset That Mikaela Was Sent Home

Fourteen-year-old Mikaela Astel got sent home last night on The Voice and fans are not happy about it. She went up against the trio, The Bundys, and ultimately couldn’t pull out a win.   

Those competing both sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird.” Though Astel’s voice was both pure and piercing, The Bundys were just more polished overall and judge Kelly Clarkson chose The Bundys over Astel.

Kelly Clarkson | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Kelly Clarkson | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The judges’ feedback

John Legend gave his input first and said that he could tell The Bundys have been singing together for a while. He said, based on the performance he just watched, if the decision were up to him he’d choose The Bundys.

He also said, though, that Astel’s voice “is both strong and really vulnerable at the same time. It’s such an interesting voice.” He also mentioned her nerves, and that they were understandable since she’s only 14.

Next up was judge Adam Levine.

“Mikaela you’re so great and you’re so young. It’s such a learning experience to be where you’re at in this moment. You look a little nervous but I mean come on, like if she was up there with one other person it’d be nerve-wracking let alone three.”

He went on to compliment The Bundys on their sweet connection and the grace of their performance.

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Blake Shelton also commented on Astel’s nerves. He told her he bets that she’s a little better in rehearsal, just because the stage, audience, and judges are so intimidating when performing. He went on to say:

“The last thing any of us would ever want to do is discourage you from doing this because this is what you’re meant to do.”  

The fan reactions

The Bundys are the first trio to ever be featured on The Voice, and many of the show’s fans took to Twitter to suggest that it wasn’t fair for a young teenage girl to go up against a group of three.

@kelly_clarkson #VoiceBattles Not directed at you Kelly but more to The Voice. Duos, Trios, or the like should not be allowed on this format of a show. It’s really not fair for one voice to compete against two or three voices,” wrote Twitter user Star Elton.

The Bundys did have the added advantage of harmonies to boost their performance.

Other fans believed Clarkson “sold out” by going the safest route.

“Talk about hanging up not one of the Bundys would be on the stage as a solo and you know it.   Very disappointed you sold out on that one. @kelly_clarkson #VoiceBattles,” wrote William Diaz.

“You always talk about how you want to develop young artists, then you put Mikaela up there with seasoned artists. Is Adam giving you coaching advice? @kelly_clarkson #VoiceBattles,” writes another fan of the show, Crystel Conley.

But mostly, the show’s fans were just really sad to see Astel go because they believed she was very talented.

“Nooo! I can’t believe that @MikaelaAstel is going home! Mikaela, keep singing and doing a great job and don’t stop believing in yourself… I’ll be expecting a record from you #VoiceBattles,” writes Brooklyn LeFever.  

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