‘The Voice’: Why Kelly Clarkson Is the Best Thing to Happen to the Show

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend recently joined Blake Shelton and Adam Levine as coaches on The Voice. Both Legend and Clarkson decided The Voice was the perfect place to park so they could have more time for their family. The set is known to be family-friendly, with many children making an appearance. Clarkson’s kids are especially fond of linking up with Stefani and Clarkson’s kids.

But Clarkson isn’t the only one benefiting from the arrangement. Below are three reasons why her existence in the judge’s chair is one of the best things to happen to The Voice in years.

Kelly Clarkson won her debut season

Clarkson first got her start on The Voice as a featured part-time advisor to Levine, Miley Cyrus, Shelton, and Jennifer Hudson in season 13. Clearly she did a great job because the following season she went from being a shared advisor to a full-fledged coach. Getting her seat on the beloved talent show is one of the best things that could have happened to the NBC series.

Clarkson is a fantastic judge and coach. During her first season, she wiped out the competition thanks to the excellent advice and training she bestowed upon Brynn Cartelli. Of course, her entire team got the same top-notch treatment, but it was Cartelli who walked away from season 14 a winner! What’s even more impressive is that Cartelli is the youngest contestant to win the show at 15 years old. Before Cartelli, that award went to Shelton’s Danielle Bradberry and Pharrell’s Sawyer Fredericks. Both contestants were 16 at the time of their win. 

Kelly Clarkson helps her singers succeed

After the grand slam in season 14, Clarkson took home the gold again in season 15. This time it was Chevel Shepherd who led her to victory. While Shepherd has decided to hold off on fully entering the music industry, that hasn’t stopped Clarkson from lending a helping hand. The Stronger singer is helping the young songstress find the perfect songwriters for her debut album.

She offered similar assistance to Cartelli after she left the show, who decided to take things slow, but that didn’t stop Clarkson from throwing some aid her way. According to The Voice judge, “I’m gonna be Brynn’s big sis for life” and not just because she’s technically her successor. She’s also head over heels for Cartelli’s parents and truly enjoys being her cheerleader. 

Kelly Clarkson really understands singing competitions

Knocking out two long-time judges two seasons in a row is beyond impressive. But what is it that gives the bubbly singer an edge? It’s probably because she understands singing competitions from a contestant’s perspective. In case you forgot, Clarkson is an American Idol alum. She was the winning contestant on the very first season of the show back in 2002! She thoroughly impressed the panel at the time which consisted of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell.

Like many contestants, Clarkson came out of a tough situation. After winning the competition her life completely changed. She released a No. 1 single and had zero trouble getting a record deal. From there she blossomed into the star we have today with three Grammy Awards and over 25 million albums sold. Many of her albums have reached platinum status, and very few lack any certification at all!

Coming from nothing gives Clarkson the ability to really empathize with her team. There is a unique understanding that comes out of her having lived the experience the contestants are going through. The people she takes under her wing on The Voice are truly in for a treat.