‘The Voice’: Will Kelly Clarkson Leave the Show if Blake Shelton Quits?

It’s still arguable that NBC’s The Voice has superseded American Idol in finding the best singing talent America has to offer. It’s not so arguable when you see how The Voice continually beats Idol in the ratings. Perhaps it’s because the latter still focuses so heavily on the teen market when older audiences are watching more network TV.

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton
The Voice judges Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Whether it’s just having to do with quality audition lines, The Voice still wouldn’t be complete without its celebrity judges. The chemistry may already be broken now that Adam Levine is leaving.

What happens if Blake Shelton also leaves soon? Would Kelly Clarkson leave as well, or could she nurture renewed chemistry with new judges?

Was the chemistry among ‘The Voice’ judges really great, or just faux?

One thing we’ve noticed with the judges on American Idol over the years is that some of the interactions were probably created by situation writers at times to make the show more entertaining. If you can remember back to the days of Simon Cowell and Paul Abdul playfully flirting with one another on Idol, you’ll see the perfect example of how chemistry can be created.

Then again, you can’t always find camaraderie like that without some naturalness. No doubt some of the judging panels on Idol were made better over time as they got to know one another and found their rhythm together.

The Voice has been a little different on this front since they’ve kept the same judges for quite a while. Only part of their panel has been altered, and not to any great detriment.

When Kelly Clarkson came in, it created a more interesting dynamic, if even a little edgy.

Creating the illusion of rivalry

If The Voice managed to carve its own identity after initially being deemed an Idol copycat, it definitely did learn from the latter show on creating judge interactions. Everyone has long been entertained by the supposed rivalry between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine alone.

Even though they’ve admitted they’re friends in real life, Shelton always brings comedic value. Part of this also includes sometimes testy exchanges with Kelly Clarkson. With their seemingly transparent friendship, it’s taken judging panel interactions to a different level, no matter if some of the rivalries are strictly for show.

As we’ve learned with other judge panels on reality shows, when you take away one component, it usually brings everything else down. We have to wonder how Shelton will relate to judging on The Voice without Levine in the far left chair. Likewise for Clarkson, if Shelton departs and leaves her as the lone senior judge next to John Legend.

Are there any clues to what Kelly would do if Blake leaves?

According to Clarkson herself, she was taken aback a little at Adam Levine’s abrupt departure. Nevertheless, she said she completely gets why he wanted to leave considering he has a family and still has a career with Maroon 5.

Perhaps the best clue to whether Kelly would stay is based on how crazy busy her own life becomes. Not that it already isn’t with her ongoing superstar recording career and concert tour dates.

Let’s also remember Gwen Stefani is joining the show next season to fill in Levine’s chair. Clarkson is reportedly excited about bringing more girl power to the show so she isn’t always fighting to be heard among three legendary guys. Plus, let’s remember the chemistry between romantic couple Stefani and Shelton will likely be more than a little memorable.

This alone should keep Shelton around for a while longer. By the end of next year, this chemistry might be so great, everyone will think everything is normal. In other words, chemistry is what makes everything work on TV, not including increasingly shorter memories by the viewing public.