‘The Walking Dead’: Why Fans Are So Pissed Off

The Walking Dead sure knows how to send its viewers into an uproar. First, there was that brutal cliffhanger Season 6 finale that left audiences speculating over who Negan actually killed. Now, a new teaser is implying that longtime fan favorite, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), is the one to get Lucille’d in Season 7 — and needless to say, fans are not happy.

The latest clip, seen above, definitely seems to hint at the possibility of Daryl’s death at the hands of the show’s new big bad, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). How? In the clip, Dwight (Austin Amelio) is seen wearing Daryl’s infamous vest and riding his motorcycle through a zombie roadblock of sorts. Considering that Dwight is one of Negan’s well-known henchmen and part of his group of followers, the Saviors, it certainly doesn’t seem like a good omen for poor Daryl.

So does this mean what we think it means? Could it be that — say it ain’t so — Daryl is really about to die? Fans shouldn’t swear off the series just yet. There could be another, less heartbreaking explanation as to why Dwight is wearing Daryl’s clothes and riding his bike.

A recent rumor from The Spoiling Dead Fans suggests that Daryl won’t be killed, but kidnapped by Negan and his group of followers. The speculation stems from a (yet-to-be confirmed) sighting of Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon at The Sanctuary (which fans know is home to Negan and the rest of the Saviors) on May 15. As the site suggests, there’s only one good reason why Daryl would be hanging out in Negan’s lair: He was kidnapped and is being held hostage by the villain and his gang.

The Walking Dead, Daryl

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

While being trapped in The Sanctuary is obviously still a dangerous place for Daryl to be, there is one major plus to the scenario: If the character is kidnapped, that means he is still alive — and therefore, not the unlucky one to meet his demise at the end of Negan’s bat.

That’s not to say that Daryl won’t face his fair share of troubles. The Spoiling Dead Fans also claims that the character will make at least one attempt to escape from the Sanctuary, without success.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon | Source: AMC

Of course, all of this remains speculation as of now. Still, the kidnapping scenario does seem more likely than Daryl’s actual death — especially since it’s not like The Walking Dead to show all of their cards in a teaser, months before the highly anticipated season premiere.

Reedus, for his part, hasn’t acknowledged all the chatter about his character’s potential demise, although he did previously promise that the anticipated Season 7 premiere will be “mind-blowing” and worth the wait. One thing’s for sure: Even if Daryl doesn’t die, the zombie drama will not be the same after the big reveal of Negan’s victim. Case in point? During AMC’s recent preview special, Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple teased that “what happens in Episode 1 will shatter the lives of those who survive.” Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead will kick off its seventh season on October 23 at 9 p.m. EST.

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