‘The Walking Dead’: How the Maggie vs. Rick Feud Could Play Out

For better or worse, The Walking Dead’s eighth season is done. And fans are already already trying to figure out what will happen in Season 9.

Former showrunner Scott Gimple has teased that the new era of TWD will be “very, very different” from what we’ve seen before. And that could include the most controversial feud yet.

Here’s what we know about how Maggie’s vendetta against Rick will play out in Season 9, including the surprising tactic she might take to bring him down (page 7).

1. Maggie has turned against Rick

Maggie and Rick in the walking dead

Maggie is about to turn against Rick. | Gene Page/AMC

The Season 8 finale, “Wrath,” seemingly brought an end to the war between Rick and Negan. But Walking Dead fans won’t have to wait long for more drama.

We saw in the episode’s closing moments that Maggie isn’t on board with Rick’s decision to keep Negan alive. And while she seems content to wait until the right moment, she made it clear that she’s planning on showing Rick just how wrong she thinks he is

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2. Walking Dead fans are in new territory with the Maggie vs. Rick feud

Maggie disagrees with Rick over Negan, which is a departure from the comics. | AMC

Fans of The Walking Dead comics have seen Maggie and Rick fight about Negan before. She threw punches on more than one occasion after the Saviors’ leader killed Glenn. But the two leaders set their differences aside to take down Negan together, and have worked mostly in harmony ever since.

The idea of a feud between Maggie and Rick is, in many ways then, yet another departure for the TV adaptation. And that means it makes it even harder to predict how it will play out.

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3. Maggie is a force to be reckoned with

Maggie on the walking dead

Don’t underestimate Maggie. | AMC

On the surface, fans might think Maggie is no match for the man who’s taken down The Walking Dead’s most dangerous villains. But as de facto Hilltop leader, she’s certainly proven that she knows how to get what she wants.

Maggie is among the most strategic characters remaining on The Walking Dead. And she also knows Rick better than many other characters, which could give her a huge advantage in terms of knowing his weaknesses.

Plus, Maggie won’t be plotting against Rick on her own.

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4. Maggie’s not the only one with a vendetta

Maggie and Jesus

Maggie and Jesus may team up against Rick. | AMC

We’ve known for a while that Jesus is Maggie’s right hand man. And though he usually tries to keep the peace, he seems on board with her plan to make Rick suffer for keeping Negan alive.

And the Hilltoppers aren’t the only ones with a bone to pick. Daryl, too, seemed ready to go to war with Rick — after all, Negan not only killed his friends, he imprisoned and humiliated him.

It’s personal for Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl. And there may be others who aren’t ready to live and let live.

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5. This could end up being the beginning of a bigger feud

Rick’s desire for a peaceful path forward may not go as planned.   AMC

So far, it looks like we’ll have Jesus and Daryl on Team Maggie, with Michonne (at least) ready to back Rick up. But Andrew Lincoln hinted in an interview that the Rick vs. Maggie feud could blow up. He told Comicbook.com that while Rick is ready for a peaceful way forward, it’s not always that easy.

And he insinuated that resistance toward change can lead to more precarious situations. “It happens all the time. We see it in the news all the time,” Lincoln said, saying that potentially dangerous leaderhsip vacuums emerge whenever periods of conflict end. ”What happens? What moves into that?”

Lincoln could be hinting at Maggie becoming a rival leader on the strength of her desire for vengeance. We know the Hilltop, which also suffered under Negan, is already behind her.

Rick may not be able to unify the colonies as quickly, or painlessly, as he’d like. And their need for vengeance may make his desire for peace unattainable, and result in a Walking Dead civil war.

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6. Could Maggie could end up becoming The Walking Dead’s newest villain?

Maggie Greene leans over a wall in The Walking Dead

She may be the new villain of the show. | AMC

Lincoln said he thinks the prospect of Maggie turning against Rick isn’t great news for his character. He told Comicbook.com, “She’s terrifying… that emotional force is like a freakin’ hurricane.” We’ve seen Maggie go to the depths of despair and back. And she’s used that pain to make her stronger.

The Walking Dead could approach the Rick vs. Maggie feud by making them equals. It would make sense — after all, both characters’ opinions on Negan’s fate are, on a broad sense, fair. And it would also be an interesting way to explore the moral dilemmas the characters face.

But the series could also shift, and end up making Maggie into an outright villain. If she tries to take out her former allies, or attacks Rick, she could join Shane as another friend-turned-foe.

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7. Could Maggie kill Negan?

Rick and Negan on The Walking Dead

Will Maggie take Rich and Negan’s battle into her own hands? | AMC

In The Walking Dead comics, Negan eventually teams up with Rick, Maggie, and the rest of the colonies. But that doesn’t mean he’s safe on the TV show. Perhaps Maggie’s way of showing Rick how wrong he is will be to kill Negan herself.

Rick and his friends have no reason not to trust her, it would be relatively easy for her to get to Negan. And it’s safe to say she wouldn’t show him the same mercy, especially since she watched him beat Glenn to death.

But while taking Negan out would even the score for Maggie, she may take an even deadlier approach to vengeance.

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8. Could Maggie team up with another foe to try to bring Rick down?

The Whisperers in The Walking Dead comics

The Whisperers from The Walking Dead comics may show up on the show. | Image Comics

Many Walking Dead comics fans think that the Season 8 finale hinted at the arrival of yet another disturbing enemy: the Whisperers. While her comic book counterpart fights against the nomadic, deadly clan, Maggie might see them as a potential lifeline.

If Maggie and the Whisperers share a common enemy, it would make sense for them to team up. And while the implications for her wouldn’t be great — it’s never a good sign when a Walking Dead character teams up with the bad guy — it could help her get the job done.


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