‘The Walking Dead’: 10 of Michonne’s Most Memorable Moments

3. Holding Judith

Michonne cries as she holds Judith in a scene from 'The Walking Dead' episode 'Infected'

Judith and Michonne | AMC

For the better part of The Walking Dead‘s third season, Michonne was pretty hard to read. We knew she had a kinship with Andrea, and that she was hesitant to trust just about anybody else. Other than that, she was aloof.

In Season 4, we began to get to know her a little better, starting with “Infected.” She seemed determined to avoid any contact with baby Judith, until Beth plopped the youngster into her arms. Then, to viewers’ surprise, instead of looking as though she had no idea what to do with the child, she held her close and began to cry.

It wasn’t just a moment that showed us the “softer” side of the hardened warrior we thought we knew. Though no words were spoken, the embrace spoke volumes about an as-yet untold grief in Michonne’s life. And it added another layer onto an increasingly complex character.

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