‘The Walking Dead’: Producers Hint at the Return of a Beloved Character in Upcoming Movies

AMC’s long-running drama series The Walking Dead has said farewell to many fan-favorites that have been a huge part of the show since the show aired nearly a decade ago.

Steven Yeun, who played Glenn, the lovable pizza delivery boy turned zombie slayer, met an unfortunate fate at the premiere of Season 7. Lauren Cohen, who played Glenn’s love interest and wife, Maggie, left the show in The Walking Dead Season 9. Chandler Riggs, who plays Rick Grimes’ son, Carl, departed from the show after season eight. Danai Gurira, who plays the katana-wielding warrior Michonne, recently announced her departure from The Walking Dead after eight seasons. Even Andrew Lincoln, who plays the show’s lead character, Rick Grimes, left the series after being an integral part of the show for nine seasons. But, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Moments after Rick Grimes’ final episode aired, AMC announced that the character would get a spin-off movie trilogy. Recently, The Walking Dead producers teased the return of one of the show’s most beloved characters in the spin-off trilogy. So, what actually happened to Rick Grimes? What’s in store for the upcoming trilogy? Which character will The Walking Dead fans get to see again in The Walking Dead movies?

*The following article will contain spoilers for AMC’S The Walking Dead.

What happened to Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Season 9?

After the death of his son, Carl, Rick tries to honor his son’s memory by sparing Negan, the sadistic former leader of a gang known as The Saviors. His choice not to kill Negan turned his allies Maggie and Daryl against him, leading Maggie to travel to destroy Negan herself. On his way to attempt to stop her, Rick is thrown from his horse and impaled on a bar, while a large herd of walkers begins to swarm him.

After managing to release himself from the bar, Rick lures the herd away from his friends and toward a bridge, which he thought would give way under the tremendous weight. Instead, the bridge holds strong and Rick is forced to blow up the bridge with dynamite, leaving all of his friends to believe he died.

Unknown by the rest of his friends, Rick was rescued by Anne, who carries him to safety via helicopter. Six years later, Judith, being nine years old, now totes Rick’s sheriff’s hat and revolver and Michonne had given birth to her child, R.J. Grimes.

What will ‘The Walking Dead’ movies be about?

According to The Walking Dead‘s former showrunner, Scott Gimple, the trilogy will take place over the span of years, which seemingly confirms a fan theory that the trilogies will reveal what happened during the many years Rick was presumed to be dead.

Not much has been revealed regarding the plot of the upcoming The Walking Dead film trilogy, but AMC revealed in a press release that the first film will reveal where Rick went after the bridge explosion and might even take place in a different country.

“He’s flying off in a helicopter, away from Virginia, and it’s going to be a new world — a very new situation with its own history, and very, very different from what we’ve seen before,” mentioned Gimple in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The trilogy will also reveal more about the mysterious pilots of the helicopter who don a strange three-ringed logo. The only thing about the gang we know thus far is that they’re a group of human-traffickers who label their victims as either “A”, which seems to mean leaders, or “B”, which appears to mean followers. Or, could “A” mean uninfected and “B” mean infected.

The three-ringed group seems to have the same motivations as Rick and his group, but can they be trusted? Is the group working to discover a cure and restore humanity, or has our favorite gun-wielding sheriff landed in a new world of trouble.

Which beloved ‘The Walking Dead’ character could return for the movies?

Nothing can get in the way of true love, or so the producers of The Walking Dead have made it seem. According to producer Denise Huth, Rick’s love interest and partner in zombie-slaying, Michonne could make an appearance in the upcoming film trilogy.

“I can’t say a whole lot but Michonne is such an important character, along with Rick obviously. As a fan myself, there’s always that want to see both of them again however we get to do that,” said Huth in an interview with Metro, “She’s a hugely significant part of this upcoming season, and the overall universe and the stories planned all exist in the head of Scott Gimple. He has his plans of what will happen and we don’t always even know how it’s going to go.”

This would be especially fitting as Danai Gurira will be stepping away from her role as Michonne in the newest upcoming season. So, will there be a sweet reunion between the two? Will Rick meet the son he never knew about? Fans will simply have to wait and see when The Walking Dead film trilogy hits theaters.

An official release date for the film trilogy has not yet been announced. The Walking Dead Season 10 will air on AMC on Oct. 6, 2019.