‘The Walking Dead’: Robert Kirkman Consulted on Rick’s Exit in Season 9 Knowing His Death in the Comics

Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple

Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple | Getty Images/Jesse Grant

Season 9 of The Walking Dead will be the last of Rick Grimes because Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. Although many assume that means Rick will die it’s still unclear, but very possible. After all, comic book writer, Robert Kirkman has said that Rick will die at some point in the comics. So how did that affect the show?

Robert Kirkman held a Q&A on Oct. 4 at New York Comic-Con 2018. The Cheat Sheet asked questions about how involved Kirkman was with how the show will handle Rick and how it’ll affect his plans for him in the book. This is what we found out.

Robert Kirkman did consult on Season 9 about what will happen with Rick

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead | AMC

The show has its own writers and it has gone its own way from the source material multiple times. But Kirkman revealed that he still consults on the show and before every season they talk about what will be taken from the books and what will be changed. He also helped out with Rick’s upcoming storyline.

“Well, when it comes to the show and stuff like Andrew Lincoln’s departure, thankfully a lot of that stuff is handled by the showrunner of the show, which is now Angela Kang,” Kirkman told The Cheat Sheet. “And I’ve been working closely with Angela since Season 2. She’s an absolutely brilliant writer. It was great having her at the helm of Season 9. I think you guys are gonna see a new energy to the series, which is very exciting. Scott Gimple is still very much involved.”

He then added, “They’re working on this stuff and they consult with me and we talk about plans and things like that but for the most part I kind of let them run with it.”

Kirkman teases that there will be differences to Rick’s ending in the show from the comics

The writer was cryptic when asked if Kirkman already knew what Rick’s death would be in the comics and if he shared that to be in the show.

“I know exactly how Rick Grimes dies in the comic book and it’s possible there’ll be some differences there between the comic and the show,” he answered The Cheat Sheet. “The death in the comic could happen next issue. It could happen ten years from now.”

So it’s still unknown when Rick will make his big exit in the comic book series. But either way, it won’t be exactly the same as how it will play out in the television show.

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