‘The Walking Dead’: 4 New Rumors About Season 7

It’s been several months since The Walking Dead wrapped up its sixth season on a major cliffhanger, leaving fans in the dark as to which character dies at the hands of the new big bad, Negan. Since then, there’s been tons of speculation as to what might take place in Season 7 — including who Negan killed and whether there could be yet another cliffhanger in our future. Here’s a look at four of the latest rumors about the upcoming seventh season.

1. Two fan favorites may die

The Walking Dead

Abraham in The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

In the months since The Walking Dead aired its brutal Season 6 finale, there’s been tons of speculation as to who Negan kills with his deadly bat, Lucille. One popular rumor that recently made its way around the web suggests that Negan will actually take out two victims: Glenn (who dies at Negan’s hands in the original comics) and Abraham. Why? Fans reportedly worked out this theory by process of elimination.

According to the speculation, actors Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) have not been seen on the set filming since the first episode of Season 7. However, every other actor has been spotted at some point or another.

So could their absence really signify the death of their characters? Clearly it’s not the most solid evidence. Then again, adding Abraham’s demise would be a way to fulfill the comic book storyline with a slight twist.

2. The premiere episode will include a dream sequence

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

According to speculation from The Spoiling Dead Fans (via Moviefone), a dream sequence may be taking place in the premiere episode of Season 7. Though details of the scene have not been revealed, it will reportedly feature “just about all the main characters in Alexandria.” Even Carol and Morgan, who managed to avoid Negan in the Season 6 finale and instead met some newbies who will likely be part of The Kingdom, are expected to be present. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so fans will have to tune in to see if the rumor comes to fruition.

3. Daryl may get kidnapped

The Walking Dead, Daryl

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead |Source: AMC

Per The Spoiling Dead Fans, there was a (still unconfirmed) sighting of Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon at The Sanctuary (home of Negan and the rest of the Saviors) on May 15. As the site suggests, there’s only one reason why Daryl would be hanging out in Negan’s lair: He was kidnapped and is being held hostage by the big bad and his group of followers.

While that’s obviously a dangerous place to be, there is a plus side to the scenario: If Daryl is kidnapped, that means he isn’t one of the victims to get Lucilled by Negan. The site also claims that Daryl will make at least one unsuccessful attempt to escape. Of course, this remains speculation for now, so we’ll have to stay tuned to find out for sure.

4. Season 7 won’t end on a cliffhanger

The Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 | Source: AMC

The vast majority of fans were infuriated by the producer’s choice to end Season 6 on a cliffhanger. Luckily, it looks like audiences won’t have to deal with a similar situation in this upcoming season — at least, according to comics creator and series executive producer Robert Kirkman. He explained why to Entertainment Weekly.

Look, I think as a creative person I have to acknowledge that all responses are valid. So I definitely have to take note that there’s a seemingly significant portion of the audience that wasn’t happy with that direction, so in that respect I think everyone on The Walking Dead creative team has taken note of that, and I don’t know that I would expect a similar cliffhanger at the end of Season 7.

Fans can only cross their fingers and hope that Kirkman will stay true to his word on that.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its seventh season on Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. EST.

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