‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Premiere: The Episode’s Most Shocking Moments

Our favorite team of zombie apocalypse survivors has finally returned in the premiere of Season 10 of AMC’s horror series The Walking Dead. After several months of getting our fill of zombie horror with the show’s popular spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, fans are more than ready to get back to the story and characters that started it all.

In The Walking Deads Season 10 debut episode, “The Lines We Cross”, we’re thrown into the story a few months after the bloody, tragic events of Season 9. The survivors are still coming to terms with their many losses after The Whisperers led a brutal attack against Alexandria, killing off many characters. With a fallen satellite, some Spartan-esque fighting drills, and the potential of all-out warfare, The Walking Dead has made an exciting return.

Here are some of the biggest “OMG” moments from The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere.

*This article will contain spoilers for The Walking Dead, Season 10, Episode 1 “The Lines We Cross.”

The Walking Dead cast Season 10
The Walking Dead cast | AMC

A satellite has literally crashed into Earth

One of the most (literally) explosive moments from the Season 10 premiere is the downed satellite that nearly burns down Oceanside and attracts a herd of hungry walkers to our survivors. The falling satellite is shown breaking through Earth’s atmosphere multiple times from the perspective of multiple characters, making the event a focal point of the episode.

Unfortunately, the scene of the crash is extremely close to the territory of The Whisperers, a twisted group of survivors that literally disguise themselves by wearing the flesh of walkers. The group is forced to risk crossing the borderline to extinguish the fire and take down any walkers in order to prevent a large-scale forest fire.

Luckily for the group, they manage to escape unharmed and Eugene salvaged parts of the fallen satellite to help the group enhance their communication systems.

Cailey Fleming and Danai Gurira
Cailey Fleming and Danai Gurira | AMC

Judith discovers a Whisperer mask on the beach

The group has established a tense peace treaty with The Whisperers, provided that the two groups remain far away from each others’ territories. However, after a successful session of gladitorial-style combat training, a chilling discovery makes it clear that one side is not remaining true to the agreement.

As Daryl and Michonne discuss the possibility of a future fight with The Whisperers, Judith begins to sort through her collection of seashells and finds one of The Whisperers’ masks. This was an especially unsettling discovery since the group hasn’t stumbled across any evidence of The Whisperers’ presence lately, revealing that the mask-wearing group is even more of a threat because of their ability to travel undetected.

A team is established to search for more clues and they discover the remains of a camp and another Whisperer mask. It seems as though The Whisperers have broken the agreement in order to keep an eye on the group’s activity.

The episode teases a final showdown between Carol and Alpha

In Season 9, Alpha made a mistake that may prove fatal in the end: she messed with Carol. During the attack on Alexandria, Alpha brutally murders Carol’s adopted son, Henry, and mounts his head on a pike to send a threatening message of warning to the survivors.

As the episode nears its conclusion and the group stops the fallen satellite from causing an uncontrollable inferno, Carol takes a moment to look around the surrounding area and absorb the scenery. Alpha silently emerges from the trees and the two lock eyes. Not a single word is spoken, but the staredown between the two women sends a message that is loud and clear: there will be blood.

The Walking Dead Season 10 will continue with the premiere of Episode 2, “We Are The End of The World”, which will air on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019.