‘The Walking Dead’: What Does Danai Gurira Have to Say About Leaving the Show?

All good things must come to an end. And for The Walking Dead fans, that ending may be sooner than they wanted. Though the series just had its season 10 premiere event, the future of the show is not yet defined as Danai Gurira is leaving the show.

Gurira may have made the announcement earlier this summer at Comic-Con, but she hasn’t really opened up about the decision until recently.

Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Is Gurira sad to be leaving ‘The Walking Dead’?

Leaving certain jobs is worthy of celebration. But for Gurira, leaving The Walking Dead will be bittersweet.

“I always look at it as TWD forever in my mind,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight of how close she got to the rest of the cast and the crew. “We love each other. I’m part of a family. It never ends. I’ll never leave this family. That’s how I hold it in my heart.”

Why did Gurira decide to leave?

As fans of the show know, Gurira’s character Michonne has been a very important part of the storyline. And the character has also been a big part of Gurira’s life.

“It’s really what I shared at Comic-Con with the fans, which was really the key place to share it with all those amazing fans who devote themselves to coming and spend time with us every year,” she said. “And where I really felt the first embrace from what the TWD family meant was there, seven, eight years ago.”

Ultimately, Gurira wants to focus on other projects.

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“So, it was very difficult to tell that to the audience and I struggled through it because it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was time for me to start exploring other aspects of what I do as a storyteller,” she said.

How does Michonne exit the show?

Since the actress announced that she was not coming back to the show, people have been wondering what will happen to Michonne’s character. Will she be killed off or have some kind of more noble exit?

Right now, Gurira isn’t giving much away.

“I’ll just say that I’ve had an amazing time,” she told the outlet. “I love the arc that [Michonne] got to take. And the way that she gets to exit the show is really special.”

Other ‘Walking Dead’ exits

Gurira isn’t the first star to leave The Walking Dead. The show had to go through major changes when Andrew Lincoln decided to leave as well. Lincoln played main character, Rick Grimes.

Ultimately, Lincoln left the show to spend more time with his family.

“I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older,” he told EW Radio. “It was that simple. It was time for me to come home.”

The actor may have left the show, but he hasn’t left the character for good. Lincoln will reprise the role of Grimes in three upcoming tv movies.

Lauren Cohan also left the show in 2018 after eight seasons playing Maggie Rhee.

“Eight years is a really long time to be in those emotional depths and it’s really fun for me because I never thought about drama as much when I started this career and I always kind of assumed I’d do like light fare,” she told The Associated Press of her decision to leave.

“There’s a chance for me to still explore the Maggie character and it’s going to be fun to see if that can be done,” she said at the time.