‘The Walking Dead’: Which Character Deaths Traumatized Fans the Most?

The Walking Dead has proven time and time again that they aren’t afraid to kill off some of the fans most beloved characters. The show has done an excellent job of mixing things up and straying from the comics just enough to keep fans guessing.

As a result, some characters that viewers can’t imagine getting the boot…get knocked off. It’s not nearly as bad as the deathfest in Game of Thrones, but it’s just as traumatizing for the die-hard fans!

Let’s take a look at the character deaths that ruined The Walking Dead fans’ lives forever. 

Lori Grimes | Sarah Wayne Callies

Poor Lori Grimes. The wife and never-to-be mother went through a heck of a lot in the show. Being caught in a love triangle during the apocalypse isn’t very fun. Carrying around a baby isn’t fun. Could you imagine being pregnant during the zombie apocalypse? The stress you’d endure on a daily basis trying to make ends meet AND survive would be terrible. Not to mention constantly worrying about how you are going to care for a newborn in a world overpopulated by the walking dead.

Well, in some ways it was a blessing Lori was taken out before she had a chance to find out. On the other hand, successfully giving birth during a zombie apocalypse and then being shot in the head BY YOUR CHILD to keep you from becoming one of the undead kind of sucks. It wasn’t just a heavy hitter for the fans and her on-screen companions and family. It was hard for Callies.

“There was a whole emotional process of getting it together and shooting it, grieving and saying goodbye to everyone,” Callies told AMC about Lori’s ultimate, brutal demise. “She was a remarkable and powerful woman and she was given a remarkable and powerful death.”

Carl Grimes | Chandler Riggs

There were several times in the show where fans clutched their pearls in fear. Too many close calls that left fans shaking at the edges of their seat. Every time Carl evaded death fans thought, “There was no way they would kill off Carl, right?”

Well, the first seven seasons led everyone into a false sense of security because Carl bit the dust at his own hand, disappointing the world and sending Rick and Michonne into tears.

Killing off Carl was an insane move. For fans that follow the comics, Carl is still alive and there is a lot that has played out in the graphic novel that will now never make it to the small screen. With all of the potential goodies, fans were sure Carl would make it longer than he did. His death also tugs at the heartstrings because viewers have literally watched the whiny little teenager turn into a man who can hold his own in the apocalypse!

Do you know what else sucks? The young Grimes was one of the few original crewmembers left. Having lived through so much, he was finally coming into his own and discovering a way to be optimistic about the days to come. All to be snuffed out at the hand of the directors.

Poor Carl. Not a single cast member was able to take the loss in stride and the fans are even more upset!

Hershel Greene | Scott Wilson 

Hershel was a beloved character and a true hero from the very beginning of the show. Sure, he was apprehensive about letting the crew use his farm at first but once he did, they became his family.

That’s what makes his death one of the saddest ones on the show. Greene was the epitome of kindness with an infinite amount of love and unusual amounts of grace.

Witnessing him perish at the hands of the Governor in “Too Far Gone” was as heartbreaking as it was traumatic. It may not have been as gory or outlandish as some of the others, but seeing such a great human being wiped out — at a time when the world needs more like them — is overwhelming.

In his final moments, all he did was hope for positive change. Even with his life on the line, he was still happy to see Grimes try to use diplomacy instead of violence to get his way. Sadly, his captor wasn’t swayed by Rick’s words and Greene’s head went rolling. What made it worse is that the people who adored him the most, Maggie and Beth, couldn’t do a single thing to save him. Talk about harsh. 

Which other deaths shook fans to the core?

  • Glenn Rhee evaded death quite a few times before biting the bullet in the most brutal of ways. His death happened precisely as it occurred in the comics, so fans who already read up weren’t as shocked. The bloody scene was still an overwhelming watch.
  • Lizzie and Mika, just two of many children who lost their lives in the apocalypse. Given the situation surrounding their death, it really was a sad state of affairs. One that definitely stayed with fans. 
  • Noah didn’t deserve the gruesome death he got. Had Nicholas kept his cool instead of panicking, Noah would have made it out of that supply run alive. That’s what makes his death so traumatizing, but also so real. All it takes is one person losing their cool for things to go haywire.