‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Negan of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

It’s been several months since The Walking Dead aired its brutal cliffhanger Season 6 finale, which left viewers in the dark as to who Negan killed with his deadly bat, Lucille. Since then, rumors about which character (or characters) may have lost their lives have continued to surface, with everyone from Daryl to Maggie listed as potential victims.

As fans eagerly wait to find out the answer in the show’s Season 7 premiere this fall, here’s a look at five theories about who may have gotten Lucille’d.

Potential spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead!

1. Glenn

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Glenn of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

In the original comics, Glenn dies a gory, brutal death at the hands of Negan. Though heartbreaking, his death is an iconic moment in the series, which is used to highlight the vast extent of Negan’s cruelty. While Glenn is the one to meet his demise in the comic, most fans believe he will not be the one to die on the show for several reasons.

First, the show is known to deviate from the comics, and creator Robert Kirkman has strongly hinted that the death won’t necessarily be what fans expect. Second, there’s the fact that Glenn already nearly died last season, so killing him so soon would be a horrible a letdown for many.

But this is The Walking Dead, so there’s always a chance that Kirkman is throwing us for a loop and that the bloody demise will indeed play out next season, sealing Glenn’s fate for good. Adding fuel to the fire? In a recently leaked, slowed-down audio clip from the show’s season 6 finale, several characters can be heard shouting Glenn’s name, suggesting he is the one to die.

[Update, 9/20/16: Facebook fan page, The Spoiling Dead Fans, claims that Glenn is one of Negan’s two victims.]

2. Daryl

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

Norman Reedus’s Daryl is an original character on the show, so he has no comic book backstory to dissect or speculate over. But he is a huge fan favorite and that’s exactly why he could be in jeopardy.

If someone takes Glenn’s place in front of Negan’s bat, it has to be a character who will leave viewers just as angered and emotionally devastated to lose. Daryl certainly fits that bill. There’s also the matter of Reedus’s increasing demand in Hollywood. He’s taking on more side projects lately and already signed on to a new motorcycle series for AMC.

One thing is for certain: If Daryl dies, the network can likely expect some major backlash. Last season, fans even started a mantra opposing the possibility of his demise: “If Daryl dies, we riot.”

3. Abraham

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Abraham of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

A recent rumor making its way around the web suggests that Negan will actually take out two victims: Glenn, as previously stated, and Abraham. Why? Fans reportedly worked out this theory by process of elimination.

According to the speculation, actors Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) have not been seen on the set filming since the first episode of Season 7. However, every other actor has been spotted at some point or another.

Could their absence signify their characters’ deaths? Maybe. It’s obviously not the most solid evidence, but adding Abraham’s demise would be a way to put a slight twist on Glenn’s death.

[Update, 9/20/16: Facebook fan page, The Spoiling Dead Fans, claims that Abraham is one of Negan’s two victims.]

4. Michonne

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Michonne of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

Michonne recently kicked off a romantic relationship with Rick and this alone is reason enough to list her as a potential victim. After all, wouldn’t it be just like The Walking Dead to have the two begin a relationship, only to break Rick’s heart (and ours) by having her brutally killed in front of him?

Then again, Michonne plays a significant role in future events in the comics, so killing her off could majorly impact certain storylines moving forward.

5. Maggie

'The Walking Dead': 5 Theories About Who Negan Killed

Maggie of The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

Lauren Cohan, who plays half of the beloved couple, Glenn and Maggie, has long since been shooting down rumors that her character will die in the coming episodes. But producers have promised some difficult deaths next season. What’s more difficult than killing off a longtime favorite character who’s also pregnant and sick?

Then again, sending an ill, expecting woman to a violent death is pretty extreme, even for The Walking Dead. But if she does survive, it won’t exactly be smooth sailing moving forward. If the show sticks to the comic’s storyline, Maggie can likely expect a pretty rough road ahead, even if she does manage to escape the wrath of Lucille.

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