‘The Walking Dead’: Will Abraham Make an Appearance in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead has had many interesting characters throughout its run, and now that there is Fear the Walking Dead, they can play out an earlier part of their lives onscreen. But a crossover hasn’t happened for three seasons. However, Season 3’s finale hinted that could change — and why.

The two worlds will finally collide next year, and there is a big hint as to how on Fear the Walking Dead. So where will it happen? Who is the familiar character that will be returning? The show, creators, and fans have all strived to give some answers to these questions. Here are seven things we know about the crossover.

1. Fear the Walking Dead’s finale gave a big hint Abraham could return

Abraham Ford looking over sideways while standing outside.
Abraham Ford | AMC

The finale of Fear the Walking Dead showed characters heading to Texas due to Proctor John inviting Alicia to board his ship and sail to Houston. The series is set before The Walking Dead, so it really widens the options of which characters can appear in the crossover.

But due to this location, many think it will be Abraham Ford who will appear in the next season of the prequel series.  Before we met his character on The Walking Dead, he survived the outbreak with his wife, son, daughter, and other men by camping out in a grocery store in Houston. This means we might actually get to see the character’s family.

Although the consensus among fans is that it will be Abraham, there is room for doubt–  and that’s because of co-creator Dave Erickson’s previous comments.

2. Dave Erickson said Texas is just a coincidence

Dave Erickson waving to the crowd while walking across the stage at Comic Con.
Dave Erickson | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You shouldn’t get your hopes all the way up, given co-creator Dave Erickson told Deadline that the location doesn’t necessarily mean a crossover.

“Look, that city is a happy coincidence,” he said. “The idea of Texas really came from the Proctor John character, nothing more planned there.”

3. The crossover might tie up some loose ends

Cementing the spinoff show wasn’t the only reason fans had to wait for a crossover. There were some logistical reasons as well. “I also think the larger challenge logistically, and we’ve always talked about this beginning in Season 1, is from a narrative standpoint and from a timeline standpoint,” co-creator Erickson told Deadline. “And a geographic standpoint, it’s tricky too. How do you bridge that?”

It looks like they managed a way to get around that, so we’ll have a much more concrete timeline on the show.

4. Robert Kirkman previously said a character will cross over soon

Robert Kirkman standing in a white shirt and plaid striped suit at a red carpet event.
The creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman | Joe Scarnici/Stringer/Getty Images

A crossover seems like an obvious way to go, but the creator explained they waited to flesh out stories on Fear the Walking Dead. But he did recently tease that this strategy was going to change.

There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name,” The Walking Dead creator revealed at New York Comic-Con.

5. There is also a theory that Madison is related to a character on The Walking Dead

Madison standing in front of a concrete wall while looking over at someone.
Madison Clark | AMC

There is still a possibility that the crossover won’t be with Abraham, and there are other theories. One is that given Madison is from Alabama, she might be related to someone from the original series, according to BT.

That could include Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, or Carol Peletier.

6. Morales crossing over is another popular theory

Morales looking downward while inside a building.
The fan theories about Morales actually make a lot of sense. | AMC

Many fans looked to much earlier in the series for possible crossovers, given the timeline of The Walking Dead. Morales left Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and son back in Season 1 and left for Birmingham, Alabama after his group was attacked by walkers

. A popular theory is that the family will be seen again in Fear the Walking Dead.

7. The Walking Dead’s Twitter account also confirmed the news

The whole thing is not a trick, given The Walking Dead‘s official Twitter account also confirmed fans can expect the show to crossover next year.

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