The Wasp Has Been Tragically Underused in the MCU and That Needs to Change, According to Fans

The push to bring more female superheroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes on, even if a few standouts are already in the leads. However, one in particular seems to still get short shrift for reasons that still disturb the fans.

Yes, The Wasp/Hope van Dyne is still waiting for a bigger moment in the spotlight within an MCU movie. In the comics, The Wasp has already had numerous major standalone stories while not having to compete with dozens of other characters.

What should the MCU do with The Wasp to give her more quality time? Considering her significant comic book history, most people will think she was cinematically slighted so far.

Fans want to see her interact with more than just Ant-Man.

How big of a deal is The Wasp in Marvel comic books?

Evangeline Lilly on the red carpet
Evangeline Lilly | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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Those who know their Marvel comic book history will know that Hope van Dyne was not the name used originally. It was Hope’s mother, Janet van Dyne who happened to be The Wasp everyone knew from an older era of comics.

Back then, The Wasp was a founding member of The Avengers, and also their first woman superhero. This is already a major character aspect the MCU should have never overlooked. Instead, they put her in the background, albeit a few memorable/funny scenes training Scott Lang.

The MCU also changed the name of The Wasp to Hope van Dyne, who so happens to be the daughter of Janet and Hank Pym. Along the way, she did have a few memorable battle sequences, especially during Endgame.

Nevertheless, when realizing The Wasp had her name in the title of a movie alongside Ant-Man, she should have had a lot more to do. Maybe Marvel felt they had their hands tied due to the massive character list and focusing on other women superheroes like Captain Marvel.

Fans are speculating on what The Wasp could do in future films

Over on Reddit, some interesting discussions have taken place about whether The Wasp was wasted too much in the MCU films, or has more potential. One thing for sure is she probably will be used again in some capacity. As played by Evangeline Lilly for three movies, her character is still alive in the present MCU timeline.

Fans are hoping to see her in a new Avengers film, even if such a thing might not happen for a long while. More logically, she might appear in one of the standalone films coming up, either on the big screen or in one of the Disney+ shows.

What should the MCU have her involved in, though? More background on her and how her suit works might be in order after many fans questioned why she never flies while in full size.

Anything major happening will likely be in the proposed Ant-Man 3 where interactions with Scott Lang are a given. After being hilariously rough on him during training, things might be different the next time around.

Should a future Wasp character be softened up a bit?

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Some people on the above Reddit thread thought The Wasp was a bit too harsh when training Scott Lang. A few found it off-putting she had such an abrasive personality, even if it was meant to show her as a badass.

There is a good argument there. To make her interact well with other Avengers, she may need to show a softer side. Then again, the writers might have thought doing so with a woman superhero would be considered compliant to outdated movie tropes.

Maybe one plot point will be how the Pym Particles become better known and used to help the world. After all, it was Hank Pym’s Pym Particles that enabled The Wasp to fly and Ant-Man to shrink to insect size. Plus, it was a major part of what made the Time Heist possible.

If so, this would place The Wasp front and center in having one of those major superhero responsibility problems Spider-Man has had to deal with multiple times.