The Way Kate Middleton Quietly Honors Princess Diana Speaks Volumes

Kate Middleton’s much talked about style often has some very subtle ways of honoring her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Some experts claim that the Duchess of Cambridge is quite “deliberate” in her fashion choices, part of a strategy to pay tribute to Diana in a beautiful and respectful way.

prince william kate middleton engagement
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Middleton’s fashion choices often mirror Princess Diana’s

Middleton has often been praised for her choice of outfits, which always bring a touch of class and elegance to any appearances she makes in her royal capacity. Often, it’s immediately obvious that she is paying tribute to Princess Diana with her choices, while other times, she more quietly makes a statement.

Commentator Erin Hill explained to People: “One of the special things Kate has always done is make sure that she includes these nods to Princess Diana’s memorable fashion moments. From her blue engagement dress to every time she stepped out after giving birth.”

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana
Princess Diana and Kate Middleton | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Middleton’s style has been very similar on many occasions

Middleton first mirrored Princess Diana when she wore a blue dress when she and Prince William announced their engagement in 2010, reminiscent of the outfit Princess Diana wore when she and Prince Charles revealed their engagement in 1979. It wouldn’t be the last time Middleton would give off Princess Diana vibes.

According to royal commentator Michelle Tauber, Middleton has followed Diana’s lead in many of her fashion choices. She explained: “When Kate welcomed her first-born, Prince George, we saw her leave the hospital in a Jenny Packham dress, which was blue with white polka dots which was actually a very similar echo of Princess Diana’s dress when she left the hospital with Prince William.”

She continued: “In 2018, when Kate welcomed her third child, Prince Louis, she left the hospital in a very familiar look — a red dress with a Peter Pan collar.”

Tauber noted: “It seems to be a very deliberate choice by Kate to honor Diana in these subtle yet striking nods to her own fashion.”

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana
Kate Middleton and Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage, and Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Middleton channeled Princess Diana in Pakistan

Most recently, Middleton channeled Princess Diana when she toured Pakistan with Prince Willam. The couple visited the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore where she wore a green headscarf and matching traditional dress, called the shalwar kameez, designed by Catherine Walker, one of Diana’s favorite designers.

Style expert Andrea Levinthal noted: “No one has more pressure on them when it comes to what they wear than Kate Middleton. She is the future Queen after all. Yet, she pulls it off easily.”

Levinthal shared: “She always looks perfectly tailored, she always looks elegant and appropriate. It always looks like there’s a sense of purpose and forethought into everything she wears.”

Middleton has also sported similar colors and patterns that Princess Diana has worn, including red houndstooth, as Diana wore in a suit during a 1991 visit to Canada and Kate donned during a visit to Sweden in 2018.

Has Middleton broken the royal dress code?

Middleton typically keeps her fashion choices elegant and fitting of a member of the royal family, but she has been known to wear some clothing that some believe might break the royal dress code.

For example, she wore shorts to the King’s Cup Regatta this year, which appeared to go against royal protocol since royal women typically wear dresses, skirts, or pants in public. Middleton has also worn red nail polish on her toes, despite the typical dress code of non-polished or nude/pale pink shades for nails.