The Weird Reason Kyle Richards Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Quit ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Lisa Vanderpump shocked the world when she announced she would not be returning to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A staple on the show since its inaugural season, Vanderpump rose to fame among the cast and was primarily seen as the face of the franchise. While Vanderpump offered a series of explanations for her departure, fellow cast member, Kyle Richards has her own theory about what happened.

Kyle Richards thinks Lisa Vanderpump tried to preempt a firing

Richards and Vanderpump have had their battles over the years. Now, she’s offering up her own theory on why her former pal quit the show. She claimed, during the reunion special, that she strongly believes Vanderpump quit to avoid getting fired.

After a difficult season, it seemed like Vanderpump just couldn’t deal with the idea of showing up to the reunion to relive the drama of the last year. To avoid getting the ax from Andy Cohen, Richards claims that Vanderpump offered an interview in which she announced she quit ahead of the taping.

Cohen didn’t add much to Richards theory, he neither confirmed nor denied her suspicions. It should be noted, however, that Richards isn’t speaking with any authority. She isn’t exactly in the know about Vanderpump’s talks with Bravo TV executives.

Richards tried to draw a parallel between Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof

Richards tried to add credibility to her theory by attempting to draw a parallel between Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. Maloof appeared on the show’s first three seasons but walked away before Season 4. She did return as a guest on multiple seasons, but insiders allege her departure from the series as a regular wasn’t exactly her decision.

According to People, Maloof was fired for constant tardiness and a pattern of failing to show up for tapings. Allegedly, Cohen made the final call to cast Maloof into a sea of former housewives. While it is generally accepted that Maloof was axed from the series, regardless of what she says, the comparison between her and Vanderpump end there.

Vanderpump quickly became the face of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, she can widely be considered the breakout star of the series. In short, Vanderpump was likely too crucial to the franchise for executives to fire her for merely failing to show up to the reunion. 

Lisa Vanderpump gave a very different reason for her departure

Richards might have her own thoughts on what is happening behind the scenes, but Vanderpump herself revealed the reason behind the move. Shortly after the OG housewife’s departure was announced, she sat down with Extra to discuss her decision.

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump
Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump | Photo by SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

According to the former housewife, she left the show because of the negativity, noting that the entire year had been horrible, and it was mostly because of the show and her castmates. Vanderpump was caught up in drama with castmate, Dorit Kemsley. Kemsley adopted a dog from the Vanderpump Dog Center. All was not well with the dog dubbed Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, though.

Eventually, Kemsley gave the dog away, and then it was dropped off at the pound. The entire incident was dubbed Puppy-Gate and set the stage for the season’s drama. The way the whole episode played out has been hotly debated. Apparently, the show’s handling of the situation left a sour taste in Vanderpump’s mouth. In fact, it was seemingly sour enough to spoil the entire show for her.