The Weird Way Mike Tyson Is Helping Antigua’s Tourism

Mike Tyson is best known for his time as a heavyweight boxing champion with a penchant for getting himself into hot water … and into the headlines.

He was convicted of rape in 1992 (and got himself banned from New Zealand in the process) and famously bit off an opponent’s ear in the ring.

Even during his stint through prison and his one-year boxing ban from the ear incident, Tyson continued to return again and again and wow fans with his amazing record and skill. 

Since he officially retired from boxing in 2005, though, many people haven’t heard much from the athlete who was once constantly in the news. Maybe that’s because he now spends his day as an entrepreneur raking in big bucks (and lighting a lot of them up in smoke) with his marijuana empire.

Now, that empire is set to expand.

Tyson’s weed farm started in California 

Mike Tyson at the USTA 19th Annual Opening Night Gala Blue Carpet
Mike Tyson | John Lamparski/Getty Images

California was one of the first states to legalize the production of marijuana, and Tyson took advantage of this fact by starting a marijuana farm called Tyson Ranch. The farm is located in Southern California and produces weed for recreational and medicinal use as well as hemp and CBD products. 

Tyson’s recognizable, if somewhat notorious, name and his early capitalization of an opportunity in a growing field has given him a leg up on the competition. His products are extremely successful. Tyson Ranch sells an estimated $500,000 worth of products a month, and Tyson himself has an impressive net worth around $3 million

The product is so good that Tyson can’t stay away

Tyson has one ringing celebrity endorsement for his product . . . himself. Tyson hosts a podcast called Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, and a popular feature of the blog is Tyson and the guests at his ranch getting together, smoking weed, and shooting the breeze.

Tyson claims that he and his guests smoke an unbelievable $40,000 worth of weed each month. 

The business is set to expand 

While it seems that Tyson is on good footing in his American business, he is ready to expand in a big way. Tyson plans to bring his entrepreneurial spirit (and, of course, his popular product) to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

The country is a pair of Caribbean islands and relies heavily on tourism as the backbone of the local economy. The islands are a particularly popular tourist destination for British vacationers, and it is these thrill-seeking visitors that Tyson hopes will prop up the new arm of his business. 

The Prime Minister of Antigua, Gaston Browne, spoke about the proposal with excitement, noting it was a lot more than simply a plan to bring weed to the tourists on the island. 

“They are also looking at the whole area of entertainment and leisure and one of the most exciting projects that they will establish within the next nine months is the establishment of an annual marijuana conference here in Antigua. It will be like the Davos of cannabis; it will take place on an annual basis and will bring stakeholders from throughout the globe for that matter right here on Antigua to discuss various opportunities within the industry.”

Browne expressed optimism about Tyson’s abilities to bring renewed energy to the region while giving a boost to the local economy.

Since the cannabis business is becoming more and more mainstream every day, it could be that Tyson’s enterprising plans to become central to the professional discussions of the business will pay off in a big way. Only time will tell just how successful Tyson’s latest efforts will be, so this will be an experiment to watch.