The Weirdest Habits Fans Have Noticed About Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard

There are plenty of celebrity families out there — but few contain as many members as the Duggars. We first remember Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar back on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. And over the years, Jill Duggar has grown a particularly large following thanks to her strong social media presence and participation in the past with the current Duggar show, Counting On. She’s also gained plenty of attention thanks to her polarizing husband, Derick Dillard.

Jill and Derick had a strange relationship right from the beginning (at least to many fans’ standards). Here’s an inside look into even more of their off-putting habits they’ve developed as a couple.

Jill posted a strange video of her and Derick having ‘Monday night fun’

The ultra-strict and religious Duggars are never ones for a wild night out — but fans did expect more from a weeknight of fun than what Jill posted. On Instagram, Jill added a video of her pouring a gallon of tea out into the sink, and Derick’s there filming the entire thing. Derick added a few jokes about the Boston Tea Party while Jill was busily dumping the beverage. Oddly enough, this little video was captioned “Monday night fun!” by Jill.

Not only did this process of literally spilling tea not seem like a night of fun, but it also sparked a debate as to why Jill was dumping out so much tea in the comments section.

They sit on the same side of the table when going out to eat

In mid-November 2018, Jill posted an innocent photo of her spending quality time with Derick at a restaurant. “Time with this guy is precious and my fave! Thanks babe for being my man,” she captioned the photo. While the moment was sweet, fans couldn’t look away when they realized the two were sitting side by side at a restaurant with no one across from them. When one commenter asked if they were really sitting side by side, Jill answered, “we always like to sit on the same side of the table. If they ever seat us at one of those little tables where you have to sit across from each other then we usually ask to move,” In Touch Weekly reports.

They’re always by each other’s side, even when Derick is studying

It’s not just the side-sitting when out to eat that has fans scratching their heads. It seems another one of their habits that their followers can’t get behind is their need to be in constant physical contact with one another, no matter what they’re doing. In this Instagram post from Jill, she’s basically sitting on Derick while he studies for law school. “Spending time with my hubby while he studies for #contractsfinal tomorrow,” she captioned the post.

Followers naturally roasted both Jill and Derick for this post. “Eating a serving size of Jelly Beans, and studying for a career that he’s never going achieve with his wife? Yeah that’s on my bucket list as an ideal date night,” one follower commented. And OK! Magazine notes someone also criticized Jill for being “barnacle clamped” to Derick.

Fans think Derick has a thing for bare feet, too

To top off the list of strange habits, thanks to one Instagram photo as captured by CafeMom, fans are convinced Derick has a thing for Jill’s feet. Jill posted a photo of Derick happily rubbing her feet, and fans were quick to react. “Derick has the biggest foot fetish,” one follower commented. “Not judging, just surprised he doesn’t ever hide it.” Fans were also quick to point out that Jill was also barefoot on her wedding day, which may have been Derick’s suggestion this whole time.

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