The Wholesome Way ARMY Supported BTS at the People’s Choice Awards

On Nov. 10, ARMY cheered on BTS during the broadcast of the People’s Choice Awards. BTS was nominated for three awards at the PCAs: Favorite Group of 2019, Concert Tour of 2019, and Music Video of 2019. Even though BTS did not take home any awards that night, ARMY still showed their support for the group. To celebrate BTS and their achievements, BTS fans trended #ThePeopleChooseBTS on Twitter.

BTS | Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

ARMY created the ‘purple carpet’ for BTS for the MTV VMAs

To recap, MTV created the Best K-pop category for the 2019 MTV VMAs in August. K-pop fans accused MTV of racism and xenophobia for keeping Korean artists segregated from the major categories. Before the awards show, #VMAsRacist trended on Twitter.

In what appeared to be an attempt to counteract the accusations, MTV added a last minute category called Best Group and nominated BTS and Blackpink. BTS went on to win the award for Best Group, but did not attend the awards show.

To support the group without giving MTV their views, BTS fans collectively boycotted the MTV VMAs. Instead, ARMY created their own awards show called the BTS Music Video Awards. Fans designed a website and Twitter account for voting. As the MTV VMAs aired, ARMY announced the results from their own awards show. Categories ranged from “Best Social Message” to “Bop That Deserved a MV.”

In a hilarious move, BTS fans created the hashtag #PurpleCarpet along with the #BTSMVAs hashtag. Fans edited photos of the members of BTS, celebrities, BT21 characters, and inside jokes from the fandom onto an image of a purple carpet with a BTS backdrop. With the #PurpleCarpet and BTS MVAs, ARMY truly made the night their own.

ARMY trended #ThePeopleChooseBTS on Twitter

To celebrate BTS’s achievements and the group’s nominations, ARMY trended #ThePeopleChooseBTS on Twitter. At one point, the hashtag trended in the No.2 spot worldwide. With the hashtag, fans shared everything they love about the group in emotional posts.

“BTS never give up pursuing their dreams and passion despite of criticisms thrown to them. They endured the pain and their love and passion for music prevails. Their love for army brought them to where they are now. I RESPECT AND LOVE @BTS_twt so much. #ThePeopleChooseBTS,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“#ThePeopleChooseBTS bc they inspire millions of people to be kinder to themselves using their music & their influence. We chose them bc they give voice to the younger generation, because they know our pains & understand what we’re going through. We chose them bc they’re BTS,” one fan tweeted.

“How to explain the magic of @BTS_twt music? Somehow, it’s both timeless and ahead of its time. #ThePeopleChooseBTS,” wrote a Twitter user.

“They went from being ignored and cut from broadcasts in shows back home, to being in some of the biggest stages and having the opportunities to address the world and spread their message of empowerment and self love in such a significant event. #ThePeopleChooseBTS@BTS_twt,” one fan tweeted.

ARMY’s hashtag for BTS incorporates BTS’s message

There is no doubt that the pettiness ARMY directed at the MTV VMAs was funny. Fans’ frustration with BTS not being able to compete in the major categories is also understandable. However, the #ThePeopleChooseBTS hashtag was a wholesome way for BTS fans to share their love for the group.

The PCAs aired days after BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour [The Final]. After over a year of touring, BTS’s Love Yourself era ended. Even though the era is over, the members of BTS and ARMY have affirmed they are determined to continue the journey of learning to love themselves.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS showed exactly why ARMY continues to support BTS. The group has created music that heals people, broken down language barriers, and created a family between themselves and ARMY. Fans from all over the world shared their personal stories about how they are able to connect with BTS and their music.

ARMY’s support of BTS is unwavering. Even though the night ended in disappointment, ARMY knows in their heart what makes BTS special. #ThePeopleChooseBTS proved that the results of an awards show will never change that.