‘The Witcher’: How Fans Are Really Reacting to Season 1

The Witcher is finally here and fans have a lot of feelings. So, what are people really saying about season 1 of The Witcher? Read on to find out. There are possible spoilers ahead.

People really enjoy the fight scenes

Many fans agree that the fight scenes are absolutely epic in the new fantasy series. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is fighting monsters and men left and right and it’s hard not to get absorbed into it all.

“The fighting is holy **** good. It’s brutal, and very well-choreographed (though there were a lot of those pause and stare moments during the last fight scene),” a Reddit user wrote.

“Holy **** that fight choreography was amazing,” another Reddit user noted.

Henry Cavill is a great casting choice

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Numerous viewers of The Witcher agree that Cavill was a great casting choice for the role. He adds a lot of depth to the character and he puts on a very impressive performance.

“Henry Cavill was a great pick for this,” a Reddit user said. “Looking at Geralt specifically, the acting, the voice, and fighting, there’s nothing negative I can say about the performance. I’m very happy about that. I know he was passionate about the role and I can safely say that he’s doing his part fantastically.”

Other fans echo the same responses. “Henry nailed it. From the first scene on it never felt like Henry, I instantly believed him as Geralt,” someone else noted.

“Holy **** I’m only 12 minutes into the episode and Cavill is already perfect as Geralt,” another user said.

It gets better as viewers watch season 1

Some fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the first episode. However, many agree that it gets better and better as viewers work through the first season. Episode 3 in particular has fans talking.

“Anybody getting jaded by the pilot, just keep watching. Episode 3 is one of my favorite episodes of any show ever,” a Reddit user explained.

“I just finished episode 3 and even if they would completely **** it up onwards GoT style, it still would be one of the best tv series I watched in recent years,” a Reddit user admitted. “Episode 3 is simply breathtaking, there isn’t a second of a filler downtime, keeps you nailed to the chair.”

Some viewers are confused by the time jumps

Quite a few people commented that they were a little confused, especially not having any prior experience with the story beforehand. The series features time jumps, which seems to have confused some fans.

“As someone who never read the books or played the game, I have to admit the timelines and nonlinear storytelling confused me at first,” a Reddit user said. “But once you get it you really get immersed and now I’m rewatching it catching everything that I missed initially.”

“I’m a noob who doesn’t really know the backstory and what not,” another user said. “But I do believe the show is very good. The jumps are just confusing to someone who doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Overall, it sounds like fans are pleased with The Witcher so far.