The Worst Imaginable Ways Black Widow Could Die in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

While many fans are protecting themselves from the thought of a heartwrenching Black Widow death – on the basis that her standalone movie has been confirmed – others continue to argue that her existence is uncertain, for what if the Black Widow movie is an origin tale? If her standalone film goes back in time, she can cease to exist at the end of Avengers: Endgame without damaging the complex MCU timeline.

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So, for those of us who have a little bit of a masochistic side, let’s discuss the worst imaginable ways Black Widow could die in the final installment of the decade-long and highly anticipated saga. For the sake of this argument, “worst” will imply the most heartwrenching or unbearable deaths, so while these possible outcomes may be emotionally damaging, they would likely be satisfying at the same time.

What if Black Widow dies trying to save another Avenger?

If Black Widow dies trying to save any of the other Avengers, the sheer degree of palpable selflessness will be awe-inspiring and tear-inducing. However, if she dies trying to save Captain America or Bruce Banner, we may lose it.

The romantic relationship that has been boiling underneath the surface between Banner and Romanoff (since the beginning) may finally come to fruition. However, if there love comes to the forefront in the form of sacrifice – the biggest sacrifice one can make – audiences will be simultaneously gratified and outraged. Manipulating viewer expectations is a strength the Russo brother boast; however, hopefully, they don’t play too much hardball with our emotional faculties.

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Black Widow and Captain America – pals on screen and in real life – understand each other. Their friendship is one of the strongest on-screen bonds; thus, watching Widow die to save Cap would be a realistic, albeit unsettling, turn of events.

What if Black Widow dies and the Hulk looks over from afar as it happens?

Just picture the scene – a grand battle taking place over a vast landscape – the Hulk fends off enemies on one side, and Black Widow takes down her own on the other. Black Widow, while virtually unmatched in hand-to-hand combat, gets attacked and killed from someone out of her line of sight.

As her body crashes to the floor, the Hulk looks over to witness her collapse, and without thinking, he transforms back into Banner, runs over to her side, and lifts her dead body into his arms.

Mark Ruffalo – while widely known for playing the Hulk – has excelled in dramatic roles, such as The Normal Heart and Reservation Road, so if anyone can do this scene justice, it’s him. Similar to the reasoning in the scenario above, the scene would display their love, but never give it a chance to grow.

What if Black Widow is somehow forced to sacrifice herself (no battle or rescue involved)?

While fans would anticipate death in the form of a heroic, mid-battle, jump-in-front-of-a-weapon manner, with a run-time over three hours, the Russo brother may have something else in store when it comes to heroic deaths.

While prophecizing the narrative that would lead to a quiet and willing sacrifice by one of the OG 6 is nearly impossible, that makes the argument feel a bit believable, as the Russo Brothers stated that fans would find Endgame virtually impossible to predict. On the other hand, the Avengers are heroes, and allowing a sacrifice seems significantly out of character. Regardless, if Black Widow willingly walks into death as other Avengers watch, you’re going to need a second box of tissues.