Revealed: This Was the Worst Time for Princess Diana as a Member of the Royal Family

Princess Diana dealt with a lot as a member of the Royal Family and the wife of Prince Charles. She discovered very early on that her marriage was far from a happy one. She was put up front and center and the media and the people couldn’t get enough of her. That did a lot to both her marriage and Diana herself. But what was the worst time for Princess Diana in her marriage and as a member of the Royal Family? Read on to find out.

The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was far from happy

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The courtship and subsequent marriage between the Prince and Princess of Wales was anything but normal. Despite that, Diana did her best as a woman bred well in the aristocracy and she performed her duty and had the royal children that were expected of her. But throughout it all, she had a hard time dealing with all the attention put on her. Even her husband seems to have had a problem with it.

Princess Diana quickly becomes the most popular royal

According to Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved, Prince Charles had a hard time dealing with his new position as subservient to Diana when it came to the photographers and the love of the people. All the attention on Diana was a problem for the royal marriage. Diana’s personal butler, Paul Burrell, spoke on the podcast about Diana’s rise to fame. Prince Charles wasn’t thrilled with his wife’s immense popularity. In fact, he really didn’t like it at all and was jealous.

“When the royal couple were doing engagements all around the world, the crowds wanted to see Diana,” Burrell recalls. “And they would chant Diana’s name. And of course, Charles would come back from the engagement and be furious. ‘Why do they want to see you? I married you and made you royal, you weren’t born royal. Why do they want to see you? I can’t understand it.’ Suddenly, the Princess’ star was starting to eclipse that of the Prince of Wales and he didn’t like it.”

The worst time during Princess Diana’s marriage

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Despite all the attention put on Diana that she never asked for, she was expected to conform and do what she was told without any mention of a rule book. It was the most difficult for Diana in the beginning when she was still coming to an understanding of her situation.

In Andrew Morton’s best-selling biography of the Princess’ life, Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, it’s revealed the profound way Charles affected Diana. At the beginning of their marriage, it seemed to be more pronounced. She would also refer to this time as “the dark ages” and it certainly was.

“Her speech, normally rapid, energetic, coloured and strong, degenerated instantly when he was with her. Diana’s voice became monosyllabic and flat, suffused with an ineffable weariness,” Morton wrote about the changes that occurred in Diana when she was around Charles. “It was the same tone that infected her speech when she talked about her parents’ divorce and what she calls ‘the dark ages’, the period in her royal life until the late 1980s during which time she was emotionally crushed by the royal system.”

Princess Diana tried her best to adjust to her new role as the Princess of Wales and it was especially hard in the beginning. She referred to this time as “the dark ages” and it was also a time in which Diana took over as the most popular member of the Royal Family. No one could get enough Diana and it didn’t let up until her tragic death in a car accident on August 31, 1997.