The 10 Worst Video Games of 2016

At the end of the year, it’s fun to look back at the months behind us and see which games were good and which games weren’t. We’ve already checked in on the best games of 2016 — for which there were many strong contenders. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the other side of the equation. Below, you’ll find the worst video games of 2016, ranked.

To find the stinkers, we hit up Metacritic and averaged out each game’s Metascore (based on critical reception) and user score (based on, well, users) to create a composite score. That way, both critics and gamers have their say, weighted equally. By using ratings from both users and critics, this should provide the best view of how these games were received overall. Enjoy.

10. Bombshell

Composite score: 40.5

If you’re looking for a buggy action RPG that’s highly repetitive and snooze-inducing, you’ve come to the right place. Bombshell is an undercooked game that will have you rolling your eyes at its poor attempts at humor as you yawn at the sheer boredom of its gameplay. In it, aliens have kidnapped the president, so your job is to fight through hordes of extra terrestrials to save him. Which would be fine if the enemy AI wasn’t awful and the RPG progression had found a way to get its hooks in you. But no. Do yourself a favor and play Diablo 3 instead.

9. Coffin Dodgers

Composite score: 40

This game sounds like goofy fun, but it fails to capitalize on its premise. It’s a kart racer starring elderly residents of a retirement community. You must use your mobility scooter to outrace other residents, as well as Death himself. The only thing holding it back is that the game feels cheap from top to bottom. It has a bad camera, annoying controls, and iffy hit boxes. If you’re looking for a kart game, you won’t go wrong with Mario Kart 8 instead.

8. Weeping Doll

Composite score: 38.5

It doesn’t take much to make horror games effective in virtual reality. After all, players feel like they’re in the game world, so spooky elements become extra spooky. But whatever it takes, Weeping Doll doesn’t have it. This PlayStation VR game puts you in the shoes of a maid who arrives at a new employer’s house to find it empty. Naturally, you go in and start exploring to find out what happened to the owner. Four easy puzzles later, and you’ll reach the end of the game, probably in less than an hour. Meanwhile, the visuals are blurry, the amount of interaction is minimal, and the story is dull. You won’t be scared; you’ll just want your money back.

7. Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival

Composite score: 38

This soccer game is a sequel 25 years in the making. Dino Dini is a game developer responsible for two fairly beloved Kick Off games that appeared on computers in 1989 and 1990. Far from beloved, this revival is a shallow game that feels downright unfinished. There’s no tutorial, no apparent rules to the game, and no real reason to play it. The sport of soccer deserves better than this.

6. NightCry

Composite score: 38

An ocean liner is full of monsters, and it’s up to you to save the passengers in this point-and-click adventure. The game is all about puzzles and horror, which sounds like a cool combination. It’s not cool, thanks to terrible controls that make it nearly impossible to do even the simplest things in the game. And while you’re struggling with the controls, the monsters will get you if the game-crashing bugs don’t.

5. Soda Drinker Pro

Composite score: 37.5

One of the worst looking games on modern systems is Soda Drinker Pro. The basic game is just a first-person view of a character walking through levels. One button moves a soda to your mouth, and another lets you take a drink. Finish the soda, and you move on to the next level. If you play long enough, you can find a hidden game-inside-the-game called Vivian Clark. It’s kind of like a mini-game collection, but none of the rules are ever explained, making it hardly worth playing, either.

4. Super Dungeon Bros

Composite score: 32.5

With its bright colors and rock ’n’ roll soundtrack, this co-op brawler makes a good first impression. Up to four players can band together to beat up undead foes and collect all kinds of loot. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly repetitive, frustrating, and unrewarding. No wonder the developer gave this game away for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers the day it launched.

3. Umbrella Corps

Composite score: 29.5

Umbrella Corps is a Resident Evil game that was so bad Capcom removed the words Resident Evil from the title so as not to torpedo a valuable brand. It’s a competitive shooter that pits you against other real-life players and has you try to overcome the bad controls on a small number of maps. Unfortunately, the progress rewards are hardly rewarding. And barely anyone bought the game, so there’s almost never anyone to play with anyway. If you’re looking for a decent game set in this universe, you’re better off waiting for Resident Evil 7.

2. Alekhine’s Gun

Composite score: 28.5

This one looked like it had potential, but it doesn’t live up to it. A stealth game in the same vein as Hitman, Alekhine’s Gun puts you in the shoes of a Soviet assassin who’s been recruited by the U.S. to run missions around the globe to prevent the nuclear apocalypse. But major issues like a chugging frame rate, uninspired graphics, and rigid assassination requirements prove this is nothing but a bad copy of a good Hitman game.

1. Ghostbusters

Composite score: 16

All these games were bad, but no game stunk up the joint worse than Ghostbusters. This game lets you and your friends control four new Ghostbuster recruits as they try to send supernatural beings back to where they came from. Unfortunately for the poor saps who bought it based on the Ghostbusters brand, the levels are huge, excruciatingly boring, and each one plays out in exactly the same way. Skip this one and play the 2009 Ghostbusters game instead.