‘The Wrong Missy’: Why David Spade’s Character in the Netflix Movie Was a ‘Tricky Thing’ for Him to Play

The movie The Wrong Missy began streaming on Netflix in 2020, and soon hit No. 1 on the streaming platform. The comedy film stars actors Lauren Lapkus and David Spade, who played a role he’s not used to in The Wrong Missy. Spade recently explained that it was “tricky” for him to play the “voice of sanity” in the Netflix movie.

In ‘The Wrong Missy’, comedy actor David Spade takes on a different kind of character than he’s used to

The Wrong Missy
David Spade as Tim Morris and Lauren Lapkus as Missy in Netflix’s The Wrong Missy | Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX

In a recent interview with Jo Blo, actor/comedian David Spade explained that in The Wrong Missy, he acts as more of a comedic voice of reason to play against Lapkus’s wacky humor. This was hard for Spade, as he described; however, his co-star made his job easier.

“First of all, Lauren being so funny was a big help because most of it is her and then me reacting,” the actor explained. “But I’m trying to keep it together by giving good reactions so you can try to get a laugh off of Lauren and me.”

Additionally, The Wrong Missy cast member Nick Swardson told another interviewer that he improvised many of his lines in the movie. This also impacted Spade’s performance.

“… you try to double up like that and be ‘the voice of sanity’ in the movie.” But, as The Wrong Missy star described of scenes with Swardson: “he’s saying crazy things; I’m trying to get a laugh on my end and then go back to Nick.”

Spade continued on why that “straight-man” tendency was a challenge.

David Spade
Actor David Spade in 2015| Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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“It’s definitely a tricky thing for me to play for me,” The Wrong Missy star admitted. “It’s not my thing I do. I’m usually [so] thirsty for attention.”

Spade’s co-star in the Netflix movie is comedian Lauren Lapkus

As the Los Angeles Daily News reported:

Lapkus says she was initially attracted to [The Wrong Missy] because Spade, who she’d grown up watching on Saturday Night Live and had long admired for other movie and TV comedies, was attached to play her unwitting love interest.

“That was the main push behind me going to the audition,” Lapkus told the paper. However, once she got into the Wrong Missy script, she had a lot of fun with it.

“Missy truly can say anything, and she’s just living on another planet, so it’s very fun to play a character like that,” the actress explained. On working with Spade, Lapkus gushed: “It was really, really cool.”

“He’s just so funny, and he’s extremely kind,” Lapkus said of her The Wrong Missy co-star. While the comedians shared a ton of laughs onset, Lapkus said hanging out with one of “her Top 3 all-time favorite Saturday Night Live cast members” off-set was simply “surreal.”

“We both are fans of The Bachelor so we would watch it together on Monday nights while we were filming,” The Wrong Missy actress said.

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