‘The Young and the Restless’: Devon and Elena Could be Destroyed By a Love Triangle

Long time fans of The Young and the Restless have seen Bryton James grow up right before their eyes during his portrayal of the character Devon Hamilton over the last 16 years. James was just a teen when he joined the cast in 2004. Y&R fans have watched Devon endure every hardship imaginable over the last decade and a half. Luckily, Devon has finally been able to find happiness over the previous year with his new love interest, Elena Dawson. However, some fans are worried that Devon’s happiness may be short-lived as they believe Devon and Elena are heading into a disastrous love triangle. Read on to learn more about Devon and Elena’s budding romance and why fans are preparing for the worst. 

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Bryton James | Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Becoming fan favorites 

In 2018, Y&R fans had to watch Devon deal with the loss of his wife, Hillary Curtis, and their unborn child. To make the situation even more complicated, Devon’s sister, Lily, was the one responsible for the accident that led to the death of Devon’s pregnant wife. While the journey was difficult, Devon and Lily have mended fences, and Devon has been able to find happiness again. Much of Devon’s newfound happiness can be attributed to his budding relationship with the new Y&R character, Elena Dawson. 

Brytni Sarpy joined the cast as Elena Dawson in March 2019. Devon and Elena seemed to share an instant connection that Y&R fans just couldn’t get enough of. As it turns out, this connection went well beyond the screen. Shortly after meeting on the set of Y&R, Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy began dating. In May 2020, James and Sarpy celebrated their one-year anniversary.  

Trouble in paradise for the young lovers

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While James and Sarpy’s relationship is fairing well offscreen, Y&R fans are concerned that Devon and Elena are not likely to meet the same fate. Just as Devon has found new love and happiness with Elena, a familiar face has rolled into Genoa City. This familiar face belongs to Amanda Sinclair. Sinclair is the long-lost identical twin sister of Devon’s deceased wife, Hillary Curtis. 

While Devon and Amanda don’t share any history together, seeing Amanda around the city has been difficult for Devon. While Amanda’s appearance has been difficult for Devon, he isn’t the only one hurting from Hillary’s identical twin coming to the city. The arrival of Amanda to Genoa city has put a wedge between Devon and Elena. Elena has continually felt threatened by Amanda and Devon’s natural draw toward her. This dynamic has some fans believing that there will soon be trouble in paradise for Elena and Devon. 

With Elena’s recent transgression with Nate, it seems like Devon is now on the other side of jealousy and concern.

Is COVID-19 shaping romantic relationships?

While in normal circumstances, fans would have good reason to worry about writers creating a potential love triangle between the three characters. However, at the present time, coronavirus (COVID-19) is shaping romantic relationships both on and off the screen. With coronavirus precautions still in full force, the actors on the show are not allowed to stand close to one another, let alone share romantic scenes. However, with Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy having an off-screen relationship, they are exempt from having to distance from each other in scenes. 

This is great news for fans that are rooting for the Elena and Devon pairing. Show writers are not likely to split Devon and Elena up at this point, as they are one of the few pairings on the show who can still easily shoot authentic, intimate romance scenes. That’s not to say that a love triangle — or square — between Devon, Elena, Nate, and Amanda won’t emerge after precautions are lifted in the future. Only time will reveal what’s truly in store for these characters.