‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Want Chelsea Gone

Chelsea Lawson strolled into Genoa City in November 2011. She came to the city with an agenda. She was a con artist who had set her sights on The Young and the Restless fan favorite, Billy Abbott. Chelsea has come along way since her early days in Genoa City. Fans have witnessed her go from a bad girl con artist to a caring person and loving mother. However, some fans are convinced Chelsea is slipping back into her con artist ways and simply want her gone. Read on to learn more about Chelsea’s last decade in the city and why some fans want her to get the boot. 

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A love story with a number of twists and turns

After a runaround with Billy Abbott, Chelsea moved on to Adam Newman. Adam, the son of legendary Y&R character Victor Newman, and Chelsea began a romantic relationship in 2012. The pairing quickly became a fan favorite. However, Chelsea and Adam’s love story isn’t the typical fairytale romance. The couple is currently together, but they have experienced a number of ups and downs over the last decade. 

Adam and Chelsea first tied the knot in 2012. They remained married for a year but divorced in 2013. They both had multiple relationships and ended up in marriages to other people. Chelsea gave birth to their son, Connor, in 2013. However, for the first few months of his life, Chelsea passed Connor off as the son of Dylan McAvoy. Eventually, the truth was revealed. Adam and Chelsea then remarried in 2014 but ended up getting divorced in 2016. The couple rekindled their romance in 2020, but it has been anything but smooth sailing for these two. 

Once a con always a con? 

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The latest Y&R storyline has Adam processing some deep childhood trauma. Through this process, Adam has sought out his ex-wife, Sharon Newman, to work as his therapist. This, among other reasons, has created a rift between Chelsea and Adam as of late. Chelsea is jealous of the time Sharon and Adam are spending together, regardless of how innocent it may be. 

To protect Adam from this past trauma being revealed to the public, Chelsea has also returned to her con artist ways. In recent Y&R episodes, Chelsea can be seen planting a bug in Billy Abbott’s office to keep an eye and ear on how much Billy knows about Adam’s childhood secret. This has many Y&R fans shouting, “Once a con, always a con!” Some fans even want to see Chelsea gone for her latest stunt. 

Genoa City Needs to be Free of Chelsea

After recent events, some fans took to Twitter to discuss how much they can’t stand Chelsea’s behavior in this recent storyline. Fans think Chelsea isn’t really helping Adam, and many think she’s enabling him. With Chelsea’s less-than-helpful help, fans can’t stand the character and want her gone.

However, there are always at least two sides to every story. Some fans are singing a different tune when it comes to Chelsea on The Young and the Restless. Some fans like that Chelsea is getting a little edgier, and breaking out of the “good girl” archetype the show features so often. So while some fans think Genoa City needs to be free of Chelsea, others can’t get enough of her. Only time will tell what The Young and the Restless writing team has in store for Chelsea next.