‘The Young and the Restless’: Will Dina Abbott Mergeron’s Death Bring These Characters Closer Together?

With The Young and the Restless character Dina Abbott Mergeron‘s death coming up, her passing will surely have some impacts on the show’s canvas. One of these impacts could be the relationship between two of her grandchildren, Kyle Abbott and Theo Vanderway.

Marla Adams
Marla Adams | David Livingston/Getty Images

The character is Theo Vanderway’s connection to the Abbott family

Theo was first introduced on the show in 2019. He was briefly portrayed by Nic Luken before Tyler Johnson took over the role. It was revealed that Theo’s father, Eric Vanderway, is the son of Dina Abbott Mergeron and Stuart Brooks. This makes him a part of two legacy families in the series and the only Brooks family member that has been on the show in years.

In a 2019 interview, on making Theo an Abbott-adjacent family member and the cousin of his nemesis, Kyle Abbott, Johnson was excited. “I certainly am humbled and grateful,” he said in an interview with TV Insider. “The gravity, as well of the response I’ve received, is not lost on me. It’s the biggest honor in my career to join this historical legacy. I’m very excited.

Johnson said it was also a privilege to be able to work with Adams. He also indicated that she made a lot of the deep material they had to work with more bearable.

“It’s an honor to work with Marla and also to have [Peter Bergman] there in those moments, too,” he said. Ironically, Dina’s the one person who’s in a position in a way to give Theo some answers, but she’s also unable to do so [because of her Alzheimer’s]. I found those scenes very painful. Marla is such a fantastic actress. She brought me to a place where, I felt, there were no cameras or sets or lights – only the interactions between us. Marla has the ability to do that, and in between scenes, she’s making wisecracks.”

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What the relationship could look like going forward

The characters of Theo and Kyle have had a complicated relationship that began off-screen, and it hasn’t gotten any less complicated on the show right now.

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“I spent a decade in New York myself and I understand the concept of projecting wealth and success [before it’s been attained],” said Johnson, talking about the friction between the characters. “I believe Theo was guilty of that. He hasn’t been as successful as he’s let on. I think that’s why finding out he’s both a Brooks and a Mergeron will be so disorienting for him. I think Theo, while living in New York, developed a resentment towards the elite [which includes Kyle]. Now, Theo’s finding himself being that which he grew to detest. He’s finding all the tools in his toolbelt are no longer effective. The scrappy underdog is no more.”

There is a chance that now that Dina is gone, a side effect could be the Abbotts wanting to get closer to Theo as a connection to their late mother. In turn, Dina’s death could be what finally buries the hatchet between Theo and Kyle.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.