Then and Now: These Celebrities Look Totally Different Than They Did 10 Years Ago

Over the span of 10 years, it’s natural that anyone would look a bit different. However, some celebrities have changed so much they’ve become completely unrecognizable.

Whether they achieved major weight loss (page 7) or plastic surgery has completely transformed their look (page 10), you won’t believe how much these celebrities have changed in just one decade.

1. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose composite image

Left: Ruby Rose in 2008 | Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images, Right: Ruby Rose in 2018 | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Orange Is the New Black’s Ruby Rose is known for her fierce beauty, made complete by her short hairdo and rocker style. While her tattoo game may have already been strong back in 2008, she looks unrecognizable with her blunt bangs, long hair, and softer fashion sense.

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