There is One ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Member Who Won’t Be Showing Jenelle Evans Any Support Amid Her Divorce

Jenelle Evans’ divorce from David Eason is proceeding as expected. The mother of three has been living in Nashville, Tennesse since October 2019, and she is set to face off in court against Eason on Jan. 13. Teen Mom 2 fans and cast members have been mostly supportive of Evans’ decision to leave Eason behind amid allegations of physical and emotional abuse.  There is one former cast member who won’t be lending Evans a shoulder to cry on, and that cast member is none other than Farrah Abraham. Abraham has been outspoken in the media about Evans’ divorce, but now she claims she’s removing herself from the situation entirely.

Farrah Abraham has blocked Jenelle Evans on social media

While the rest of the world watch Evans’ divorce drama unfold on social media, there is one person who is entirely uninterested, or so she claims. Farrah Abraham stopped by The Hollywood Life offices to discuss everything Teen Mom and admitted that she isn’t following Evans’ divorce drama because she’s blocked her on social media.

According to the publication, Abraham claims she blocked Evans because she felt it was necessary to remove herself entirely from the dramatics of the entire thing. No one, however, is entirely sure when Abraham was involved, and how following a person on social media automatically makes you a key player in the court proceedings. Either way, Abraham insists she’s blocked her on social media as an act of love, and hope to reconnect with her one day.

While she may not be following her on Twitter, Abraham has some opinions on the divorce. The mother of one and adult film actress has called out Evans publicly, claiming her divorce is a ploy to get back on television. Ever since Evans left Eason, rumors have been swirling that she may return to Teen Mom 2. MTV has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.  

Abraham and Evans were once good friends

While Abraham has always been outspoken, fans were taken aback by her statements about Evans’ divorce. The two were once good friends, likely bonding over the fact that they were the outcasts on their shows. Abraham, who appeared on Teen Mom OG until 2018, clashed with the production staff and her castmates often. Evans has long claimed her Teen Mom 2 costars purposefully ostracized her. She had a running feud with Kailyn Lowry, too.

David Eason, Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham at=Abraham's 25th Birthday Celebration on May 21, 2016
David Eason, Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham | Ralph Notaro / Getty Images

Evans was the only member of the franchise to show up to Abraham’s 25th birthday bash in Miami. Eason joined Evans for the event, and the trio took photos together. Later, Abraham alleged that Evans had reached out to her after getting booted from Teen Mom 2 for advice. Abraham was also quoted as calling Evans a bad mother during her months-long custody battle in the spring of 2019.

If Abraham has since cut off lines of communication with Evans likely doesn’t mind. She’s undoubtedly heard the things Abraham has said about her in the media, and probably isn’t interested in reaching out anyway. Whether the former friends will ever reunite remains to be seen, but Abraham seems to think it’s a possibility.

Abraham might forward along a couple of audiobooks to Evans

Even though she doesn’t want to talk to Evans directly about her right now, Abraham isn’t against the idea of reaching out in a more passive way. Abraham told The Hollywood Life that she might consider sending her some audiobooks on female empowerment. Abraham claims to be an avid reader on the topics of relationships and female empowerment and thinks Evans might enjoy a couple of audiobooks on the subject.

Evans, however, doesn’t seem to need Abraham at the moment. Evans claims that everything is “perfect” now that she’s fled the state of North Carolina, according to Ok! Magazine. She claims her support system has grown a great deal since she left Eason and she finally feels like her life is moving in the right direction. Evans is even seeing a therapist, according to recent reports.