There’s a Rumor That Harry Styles Could Appear in a Marvel Role, Possibly Relating To Thanos

Last week was a big deal for Harry Styles’ fans. He scored his next acting gig, his second after his debut in Dunkirk, and it’s alongside Florence Pugh, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Pine. But now a persistent rumor alleges that Styles has yet another role to look forward to, and this one is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There’s a rumor that Harry Styles could appear in the MCU 

Harry Styles on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards 2020 in London on Feb. 18, 2020.
Harry Styles on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards 2020 in London on Feb. 18, 2020 | Tolga AKMEN / AFP

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On Sept. 11, when the news started circulating that Styles would star in Don’t Worry Darling, a writer at Netflix shared some interesting info about Styles’ next role. In a now-deleted tweet, Kris Tapley responded to a tweet, which noted Don’t Worry Darling is Styles’ “first acting gig since Dunkirk.”

“Second if we’re counting the Marvel movie no one knows he’s in,” he tweeted and since deleted, according to Capital FM

That site also reported another rumor that the Marvel role could be Pyro from X-Men. However, Tapley tweeted on Sept. 15, “(Not X-Men).” There’s no other context there, but it’s a fair guess that he’s subtweeting his deleted tweet about Styles. Steering the people in the write (rumored) direction. 

Styles’ role could be a part of ‘The Eternals’ cast, now or eventually

MCU Cosmic gave another idea as to whom Styles could be playing. And that role would be related to Thanos and possibly The Eternals’ cast of characters. 

The site wrote that, if Trapley wasn’t joking, one Marvel character Styles could play is Starfox. This is strictly speculation, of course, and one that MCU Cosmic theorized. It’s based on Richard Madden’s comments about “unnanounced casting” last September. 

Also, Starfox was specifically a part of previous cast listings for The Eternals. As MCU Cosmic pointed out, Starfox is a character that should end up in the MCU thanks to his importance in the comics. 

The Eternals is set to come out in February, however, with COVID-19 shutdowns and lockdown measures, it might be pushed back further. The movie focuses on The Eternals, who are “immortal alien race” made by “the Celestials.” The return to defend the Earth from the Deviants after the events of Avengers: Endgame. It’s a stacked cast with Madden, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, and more. 

Starfox is the brother of Thanos, so as MCU Cosmic also pointed out, it only makes sense for this character to pop up later on in the aftermath of Endgame. He does have a bit of an inappropriate interaction with She-Hulk, and she’s getting her own Disney+ show. So his connection to her, Captain Marvel, and Thanos are all good reasons he could join the MCU. 

Styles just added a big role to his resume in Olivia Wilde’s next film

Back to Styles; these are all rumors, of course. But the fact that Styles is getting back into acting isn’t. As stated above, he was cast in Olivia Wilde’s next directing gig, Don’t Worry Darling. He’s set to play Pugh’s husband in this thriller set in a 1950s “utopian” community. It’s too good to be true, of course, and Johnson plays Pugh’s paranoid neighbor. Pine will play a charismatic worksite leader and Wilde will have some sort of supporting role. 

It’s more of lead than what Styles had in Dunkirk, but not that surprising. Styles was eyed for Baz Lurhman’s Elvis Presley biopic and as Prince Eric in the live-action The Little Mermaid remake. He was bound to get a leading role soon. 

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