These Are Martha Stewart’s Top Christmas Menu Ideas

Martha Stewart has been hosting Christmas dinners for the past two decades, and some of her favorite holiday dishes will make for an unforgettable night for friends and family. The best part is that most of these plates are simple to make yet are elegant enough for the holidays. From chocolate-peppermint cake and prime rib to seafood, here are Stewart’s top Christmas menu ideas.

Martha Stewart Christmas
Martha Stewart | Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Christmas Eve with lobster

One of Martha Stewart’s favorite Christmas Eve menu items is all about Maine, and an East Coast dish would not be complete without a good lobster. Stewart usually recommends pairing lobster with a rack of venison for the main course, complete with a red currant and cranberry sauce.

For sides, you can serve a dish of red and green cabbage or a bean hash. And for dessert, Stewart likes to go with a trio of dishes, including Lardy Cake, chocolate applesauce cake, and Torie’s chocolate-chunk toffee cookies.

Martha Stewart’s Simple Christmas combo

There is nothing like a good rib roast and potatoes for Christmas, and this easy menu idea is sure to make the family happy. What makes this dish easy is that the rib roast and the rosemary-garlic potatoes go in the oven at the same temperature, which puts food on the table fast than ever.

There are a few sides that go well with this menu item, including Frisee salad (with a Dijon vinaigrette), and red onion and sauteed peas. For a dessert, a chocolate and nut yule log pairs well with the roast.

Holiday brunch

If you are having family over early or will be hosting people throughout the day, Martha Stewart recommends trying a holiday brunch. According to Martha Stewart, she used to host these brunch events on her Bedford farm.

For the brunch, Stewart would serve her guests oysters, smoked fish and crepes, biscuits and country ham, and a light, citrus salad. Stewart’s menu was normally much larger than this, but this is a good start for a Christmas brunch.

Christmas prime rib

Whenever Martha Stewart would host Christmas dinner at her house in the Hamptons, she usually opted for a traditional prime rib. She would often pair the dish with classic sides and start guests with an oyster appetizer.

Some sides that go well with prime rib include Yorkshire pudding, brussels sprouts puree, and a quince made of Madeira glaze, onions, and wild mushrooms. Any ginger-themed dessert is also great for this menu, though Stewart usually went with a ginger baba au rhum or a gingerbread trifle.

Martha Stewart’s Traditional Christmas menu

Ham is on the menu in most houses around the United States during Christmas time, and Stewart takes things one step further by making this Christmas classic easier than ever.

Stewart usually goes with a brandied ham for the main course, following by a side of roasted veggies, a leek gratin, and a spinach and gruyere soufflé. For dessert, Stewart favors a glazed chocolate layer cake.

Holiday roast beef

This simple dish is perfect for the holidays and goes well with a peppermint-flavored dessert. The roast beef is served as the main dish and is usually cooked alongside some caramelized shallots.

Martha Stewart prefers to add a salad with almonds and cranberries with this dish, and some mashed potatoes on the side. The dessert includes a chocolate-peppermint cake, which is a good way to end the evening.

Fast and easy pork roast

If you are looking for something easy to cook that will not require a lot of time in the kitchen, a pork roast might be what you are looking for. Stewart’s recipe calls for a bay-leaf-crusted roast, which takes little time to prep before taking it to the oven.

There are plenty of sides that go well with a pork roast, but Stewart recommends a puree made from apple and butternut squash, plus a Green Bean and Fennel salad, with or without pecans.

For the dessert portion of the menu, Martha Stewart pairs this dish with a sticky toffee pudding, which is absolutely perfect for the holiday season.