These Are Meghan Markle’s Favorite Charities

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle is no stranger to charity work. In 2016, before becoming a part of the royal family, she traveled to Rwanda to help children in need. Working with World Vision as their Global Ambassador she brought attention to the world’s largest international children-based charity. The former actress held her position for a year.  

Now that she’s the Duchess of Sussex her humanitarianism has only elevated to the next level. When her and best beau, Prince Harry, tied the knot they asked guests to donate to seven charities instead of showering them with gifts. Talk about giving back! She also selected her first charity project back in September, a community cookbook put together by the Hubb Community.

To top things off, the controversial Duchess has recently been named the Patron to four organizations that reflect causes she cares about dearly. Two of those Patronages were even passed down from The Queen herself!  

Meghan Markle and The National Theatre

The National Theatre is one of the two charities Her Majesty passed down to Markle. The Queen was a Patron for the theatre for 45 years before passing the torch. As an actress, it’s no surprise that Markle believes in using the arts as a bridge to connect people. The theatre focuses on making top-notch performances that are challenging, inspiring, and of course entertaining for all those who are interested.

To achieve their mission, The National Theatre strives to be diverse and inclusive when it comes to their productions. They not only stage productions in the UK; they also place leading artists on stages across the globe. They develop talent, continually invest in new creations, and even extend their reach through digital platforms to give back to the masses. 

Association of Commonwealth Universities

The second Patron Markle’s mother-in-law passed down was the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The Queen was the Patron for the ACU for 33 years before blessing Markle with the responsibility. Just like Her Majesty, Markle believes that education should be easily accessible to all. The ACU is the oldest international university network. It’s also the only accredited organization that represents higher education across all Commonwealth countries.

The ACU has several primary goals. To contribute to universities that will create incredible opportunities so that individuals can achieve their real potential. To form international partnerships that increase understanding throughout the educational sector. And to aid in the development of economic, social, and cultural development for all nations. 


Markle has a soft spot for animals, so it’s not surprising that she paired up with an organization that focuses on animal welfare. Mayhem is a charity that strives to create a world where people understand and value animal welfare as an integral part of the community. To achieve their vision, the charity delivers veterinary care, promotes a proactive community, and provides educational services in the UK and overseas.

The innovative charity offers four services to real their goal: community support through unique programs, rehoming pets, preventative veterinary support with community clinics, and international support by managing rabies, cutting down on the dog population, and providing educational programs overseas.

Smart Works

The last of the organizations The Duchesses is a Patron for is Smart Works Charity. Smart Works provides assistance for vulnerable and long term unemployed women. They focus on helping them regain confidence and the skills they need to ace job interviews and rejoin the workforce. They even have a dressing room and personalized styling sessions to ensure that women are dressed for success!

After being dressed in a fantastic outfit (they get to keep) they move on to a one-on-one interview which prepares them for the real thing. After landing a job, they are welcomed back to receive an additional five pieces of clothing leaving them with a capsule wardrobe to get them started. Smart Works even offers a monthly network meeting for women to get together for professional and personal development. 

What other charities has Markle contributed to?

When The Duchess and Duke of Sussex were wed, they carefully selected several charities that were important to them for their guests to donate to.

  • Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA) works with children impacted by HIV in the UK and Ireland.
  • Crisis is a national charity focusing on homelessness.
  • Scotty’s Little Soldiers offers support to children who have lost a military parent.
  • Surfer’s Against Sewage focuses on marine conservation by bringing the community together to protect beaches, oceans, and wildlife.
  • Myna Mahila Foundation empowers women in India by educating them about menstrual hygiene and ending period poverty.
  • StreetGames utilizes sports to bring children together and support a healthy, safe, and prosperous lifestyle.
  • The Wilderness Foundation UK preserves nature and provides people (especially teens) with the tools needed to understand the benefits the wilderness brings. 

The actor turned royal has certainly gotten a lot of slack for joining the family. Her motives have been questioned and she’s been criticized at every step. Despite her hardships, she isn’t letting anyone keep her from giving back to causes and communities that she loves and cares about.