These Are Robert Pattinson’s Least Favorite Scenes to Film

Being a sex symbol in Hollywood is a tough gig. Sure, you may have the world at your feet, with not a little amorous attention, but the world comes with a lot of baggage. Fans who ship you and your onscreen partner thinking you’re a real couple, fans who think they can actually date you and so on. 

Robert Pattinson has been a sex symbol for about 15 years now, ever since his dashing good looks as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire won viewers over. That attention only intensified with the Twilight movies, and it has never abated. To hear Pattinson tell it, the worst scenes of all to endure are the sex scenes themselves. 

Why Pattinson hates love scenes

Pattinson gave an interview to the Herald newspaper in Scotland where he talked about filming the movie Maps to the Stars, one of two films he made with actress Julianne Moore and director David Cronenberg.

Cronenberg is known for filming risque sex scenes, among other things, and Maps had a scene with him and Moore getting hot and heavy in a car.

“I always find sex scenes are the most random thing to see in a movie. Two actors pretending to have sex. Why? It’s so stupid,” Pattinson said. 

Most actors will tell you that sex scenes are extremely uncomfortable, with the crew watching you and your partner doing something that might end up looking ridiculous on-screen even after it’s edited together.

All those lights and other equipment don’t exactly do wonders to create an amorous mood. Pattinson described his experience with Moore this way: 

“It was so hot in Toronto [where the film was shot], and she’s one of these people … she doesn’t sweat at all. But I sweat like a crazy person. And I was trying to literally catch drops of sweat from hitting her back. It was so embarrassing.”

Pattinson has taken to fame awkwardly

Maybe part of what feeds into Pattinson’s discomfort with sex scenes is dealing with that kind of attention at an early age. He was only 17 when he got Goblet of Fire, and he never seemed completely comfortable with the level of fame Edward Cullen brought him. When he starred in the romance Remember Me, he did a photoshoot for Details with naked models and got unwanted attention for saying he was “allergic to vagina.”

Or maybe there’s something else still in Pattinson’s background. According to The Insider, Pattinson revealed to Howard Stern that he was expelled for selling pornographic magazines at school.

At the very least, he and Kristen Stewart can revel in all those Best Kiss prizes they won from the MTV Movie Awards for the Twilight movies.  He and Stewart, a real-life item when those movies were made, won that award four years in a row.

Here comes ‘The Batman’

All the strange twists and turns of fate drove Pattinson to the world of indie film, where he has received strong reviews for the likes of Good Time, High Life, and The Lighthouse. Now he’s preparing to head back to franchise land in a big way with the title role of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves of Planet of the Apes fame. 

So why would Pattinson go into that kind of role if fame has rubbed him the wrong way?

“When I was a kid, it was the only outfit that I had,” Pattinson told Variety. But he won’t tell where he used to wear his Batman costume. At least not yet. 

 “If I successfully play the character, I can say it at the end,” Pattinson said. At the very least, he can take some solace in Batman not being known for sex scenes.