These Are Still the Best Woody Harrelson Movies of All Time

Woody Harrelson has been known to star on some of America’s most iconic TV shows, including Cheers and True DetectivesWhile the 57-year-old actor may have gotten his start on the small screen, he has actually made a huge impact on the big screen as well. 

So, what are some of the movies that Woody Harrelson has acted in? Here is a list of the best Woody Harrelson movies of all time.

1. ‘No Country for Old Men’

 No Country for Old Men is an action-packed movie about a young hunter, in Southern Texas during the 1980s, that accidentally stumbled upon the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong and found that a large amount of cash was left behind. Instead of leaving the scene as he found it, the young man (played by Josh Brolin) is unable to resist the money and takes it for himself. He then quickly finds himself being hunted by a bounty hunter and other dangerously violent characters as they try to recover the money.

In this movie, Harrelson plays a bounty hunter, named Carson Wells, that has a bit of a violent past and has no fear when it comes to death and violence. Being that Woody Harrelson is actually from Texas, he was able to let his Texas roots shine brightly while playing this character. His strong southern drawl and his calm and cool demeanor made this one of the most convincing roles that he has ever played.

2. ‘The People vs Larry Flynt’

In this 1996 movie based on a true story, Woody Harrelson plays the role of Hustler Magazine owner, Larry Flynt.  The People vs Larry Flynt was one of Harrelson’s most iconic roles. He put his heart and soul into convincingly portraying a man that was vilified for trying to stand up for his right of freedom of speech. At the time, there were a lot of people that did not like Larry Flynt, however, after watching Woody Harrelson’s performance, many people started to have a little more respect for the adult magazine publisher.

3. ‘Zombieland’

Zombieland is a hilarious movie about four people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. In the movie, a strange virus has taken over the world and turned most of the human population into zombies. Tallahassee (played by Woody Harrelson) along with three other teenagers, fight their way across the country in search of a safe haven that is rumored to be in Los Angeles.

Once again, we get to see Harelson’s southern roots come out in his portrayal of a rough and tough zombie killer. The way he is able to deliver so many funny lines with a straight face is what makes this comedy so funny and entertaining.

A decade after the Zombieland hit the big screen, the creators have decided to bring back all of the original cast members for the sequel, entitled Zombieland 2: Double Tap which is set to come out in October of this year.

4. ‘The Edge of Seventeen’

The Edge of Seventeen tells the story of how a girl named Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) that is having a hard time going through all of the trials and tribulations that can sometimes happen when you are a teenage girl in high school. In the movie, Harrelson plays Mr. Bruner, a sarcastic, yet even-tempered, teacher that Nadine looks up to and respects. 

Harrelson’s character adds a whole new level of subtle comedy to the movie. His sarcastic wit and his impeccable timing of delivering just the right amount comedic relief make this movie highly entertaining from beginning to end.

Woody Harrelson has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors over the years. With his outstanding ability to play a wide range of characters, we know that no matter what movie he decides to be in next, it will be very entertaining as long as he has a lead role in it.