These Are The Beauty Rules Royals Like Meghan Markle Have to Follow

If there is one thing that the royal family loves, it is a good set of rules. It’s no secret that all family members are expected to behave a certain way in public and follow a strict set of guidelines. They are told how to dress, how to sit, what to talk about (or not talk about) in public.

While we all know that the members of the royal family are expected to look respectable when they go out in public, many wonder if there are actually a set of rules in place for the women — like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton — with regards to their beauty regimes.

Royals have a lot of rules to follow

Meghan Markle visits South Africa.
Meghan Markle | Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images

There are quite a few rules that every royal must follow. Some of these rules are in place for the family’s safety and some are in place to protect the family’s image. 

According to Marie Claire, every member of the family must bow or curtsy at the queen when they first see her. Also, members of the royal family are expected to stay politically neutral. This means that they are not allowed to talk about politics in any capacity. They are also not allowed to run for any elected office.

Another rule that something seems a little bit morbid is whenever a royal travels overseas, they are required to pack a black outfit with them. This is to ensure that if someone dies while they are away from home, they are able to show the public that they are in mourning. And speaking of traveling, two direct heirs of the throne are not allowed to travel together on a plane. This helps to ensure that in the case of a plane crash, there will still be an heir that is ready to wear the crown one day.

The royal family also doesn’t take it easy on you if you are a child. Royal children have own set of rules which include being on their best behavior in public, getting a good education, and they are even required to learn a foreign language.

What are the beauty rules that the royal women are expected to follow?

There are a strict set of rules in place to make sure that the royal women look presentable when they go out in public. According to Express UK, the royal women are not allowed to wear bright-colored makeup. Royal women do not usually contour their makeup and they are expected to make their makeup look as natural as possible. This usually consists of a light foundation and pale-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks.

They are also expected to have their hair looking as smooth and as perfect as possible. Frizzy, out of control, or unkempt hair is in no way allowed. Even if the royal women are wearing their hair up, they usually make sure to use hairspray and hair clips to make sure that no stray hairs are able to run wild.

Have Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle ever broken any of these beauty rules?

For the most part, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex do a good job of making their makeup look very natural. You will never find them wearing bright shades of lipsticks or crazy eyeshadow colors. 

While they both seem to follow the rules pretty well, Duchess Meghan has been known to been seen in public having her hair in a messy bun. But Express UK says that the neat hair rule is really an unspoken rule and Markle’s messy bun doesn’t seem like it had ever angered any of the other royal family members.