These Are the Best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Episode to Watch This Christmas

What would Christmas be without a binge-watch of your favorite shows? If you are looking for the best Christmas episodes to watch, there is no shortage of sitcoms that have great offerings. Friends has some top-notch Christmas episodes, as does Gilmore Girls. If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you are in luck, too. The show has some classic Christmas episodes you’ll want to watch this year, either before your family shows up or after the presents have been opened.

Penny gives Sheldon a gift he can’t possibly put a value on

In Season 2, Penny stumps Sheldon when she tells him she got him a Christmas gift. The eccentric genius generally doesn’t see the point in gift-giving, opting instead to avoid the entire experience. Knowing Penny has gotten him a present, he sets out to find the perfect gift. Ever the analytical type, Sheldon believes that any gift given must be of equal value to the gift received, so he buys a bunch of gift baskets, and plans to bring her out the one that seems closest in value amount to the gift she’s given him.

Leonard Hofstader (Johnny Galecki, left) , Penny (Kaley Cuoco, center)  and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons, right)
Leonard Hofstader (Johnny Galecki, left), Penny (Kaley Cuoco, center) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons, right) | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Poor Sheldon doesn’t know that Penny is giving him the gift of Leonard Nemo’s DNA in the form of a napkin from The Cheesecake Factory. Stymied, Sheldon throws dozens of gift baskets into Penny’s hands, exclaiming, “it isn’t enough!”. To relive the hijinx, you can purchase this episode on Amazon Prime Video. Titled”The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”, it is the 11th episode in the show’s second season.

Penny gets Leonard’s mom drunk

In Season 3, Beverly Hofstader shows up in Pasadena for the holidays, but she’s not bringing good cheer with her. Instead, she dumps a bunch of bad news on Leonard. First, she informs him that she and his father are separated, then she mentions that his dog died. A night out with Penny, however, makes everything even weirder, when the pair gets drunk and discuss all things pertaining to Leonard.

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It’s hard to figure out what’s funnier, watching Beverly drunkenly ask about the busboy’s penis, watching her try to hug Leonard or hearing her call penny her “homegirl.” The episode is the 11th one in the 3rd season of the show. If you need a bit of holiday cheer and a reminder that everybody’s family is a little dysfunctional, this is the episode for you.

Pigeons, Revenge presents and balls of wool

What happens when Sheldon hates the idea of a themed dinner? Well, he plans his revenge. To pay Amy back for hosting a Victorian-themed Christmas Dinner, he and Bernadette head to the mall to find the perfect gift, after Sheldon and Amy expressly agree not to exchange any. His revenge-filled gift is adorable, but Amy’s present is even better.

The Victorian-themed dinner, however, is a massive bust when half of the group are stuck at CalTech, trying to get a pigeon out of a cleanroom. Amy, who will not be deterred, begins the dinner with some Victorian Era fun. She enlists Raj’s father to play a game in which two participants blow a ball of wool across a table. While it might not sound particularly entertaining, the end results and Penny’s commentary is priceless.

You can stream the episode via Amazon Prime Video. It is the 11th episode of the 8th season.