These Cartoons on Disney+ Have Grown-ups Reliving Their Childhoods

All the buildup to the launch of Disney+ on Nov. 12 was a combination of curiosity, excitement, and nostalgia, which was what was needed to hook in those millions of new customers. It hasn’t been a full two weeks, but people are already expressing their love (or disappointment) for the new streamer. There is one thing that can’t be argued: Disney’s offerings are multi-generational.

One place that notion is evident is with the animated movies and shows. Disney+ hasn’t released too much original content, but for many, that’s fine because the library’s old gems are stacked high. A leap onto social media reveals that adults are binge-watching their favorite cartoon series from their youth. Here’s a list of which ones are keeping grown-ups awake with their eyes and hearts filled with joy.

Kim Possible
Disney’s ‘Kim Possible’ | Disney Channel


Do you remember Gargoyles and the unforgettable voice of Keith David as Goliath? The 1994 show about a group of gargoyles that come alive at night to protect Manhattan developed a cult following for its three-season run. The intricate storylines and characters turned this into a fan favorite and all seasons are available to stream on Disney+ now.


Saturday mornings were reserved for this superhero team which for many, served as a gateway to the Marvel comics they were based on. Airing from 1992 to 1997, X-Men didn’t serve up any hokey storylines and it managed to weave in complex backstories with the plots.

Fans loved getting to see these characters come to life through animation, and it’s a show that stuck with many into adulthood, making its discovery on Disney+ a much-celebrated win.

‘Kim Possible’

This was one show that had little siblings and older siblings gathered together in front of the TV screen. Kim Possible, the subject of memes and fan love everywhere, was one of Disney’s greatest hits after it debuted in 2002.

After it was cancelled, fans rallied to have that undone and it worked! Since then, devotees have been clamoring for a reboot, but those who grew up watching Kim, Rufus, and Ron fight crime are over the moon that they can watch the original seasons of the show on Disney+.


People still talk about the characters, messages, and stories in Recess. The fan fave ran for six seasons and even received the movie treatment, forever solidifying itself in the hearts of kids and grown-up cartoon lovers everywhere. Online, significant others are either trying to understand why their loved one is on a non-stop Recess binge, or they’re cuddled up together basking in the playground glory with T.J., Spinelli, and everyone else.

‘Darkwing Duck’

If there is a list documenting which series are inspiring “OMG” moments for Disney+, Darkwing Duck is definitely on it. Viewers are remembering how much they loved the funny caped hero who handed out beatdowns on evildoers. “Suck gas!” After-school time in the ‘90s has been made real again thanks to Disney+.


This was another favorite to watch after school that featured Baloo as a pilot/hero. He had jokes, swagger, and knew how the outsmart the air pirates and other villains while on the job. The show only ran for a little over a year from 1990 – 1991 but now that all 65 episodes are on Disney+, it’s being binged over and over again.

‘Adventures of the Gummi Bears’

Who still knows the theme song to this one? “Gummi Bears … Bouncing here and there and everywhere…” This beloved ‘80s cartoon about a tribe of talking bears who knew magic and tech made you want to help protect them at all costs. Now, adults are re-watching the show and sharing it with their own kids thanks to Disney+. Check out the Gummi Bear love on Reddit.

‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’

Every cartoon version of Spider-Man has been compared to incarnations before and after it, but the one that aired from 1994 to 1998 remains a top choice. Kids spent countless hours getting to know Spider-Man through this series which stayed true to his comic book arc. ‘80s and ‘90s kids who fell in love with the show—which featured a ton of Marvel characters—can’t get enough now that it’s on the streaming platform.